7:30am – 5:30pm

Monday to Friday

384 Wardell St, Enoggera.

Corner of Pickering & Wardell St, Enoggera
Underneath the Wardell street overpass

7:30am – 5:30pm

Monday to Friday

384 Wardell St, Enoggera.

Corner of Pickering & Wardell St, Enoggera
Underneath the Wardell street overpass

Customer Reviews

Manny always make me confident that he will do all the work that’s necessary, and nothing that isn’t. Manny has been servicing all of our cars for years and we trust him to keep our cars safe and running well for a fair price.

Michael Hellyer

This place has helped me out a few times being a backyard mechanic. Always helpful and friendly as… definitely recommend.

Tom Brazil

Outstanding, honest mechanics. You will NOT be ripped off, lied to, or cheated out of your money. Have taken my car here a few times and am always very pleased with the quality of service and the prices.

Keegan Woods

As always, my car’s running great after being serviced at Manny’s last week. I’m always confident that when I drive away, my car is safe and running well. Most of all, I trust Manny without hesitation. I remember once telling him that my log book sugested changing the automtic fluid, and Manny replying that “I’ll do it if you want, but it doesn’t need doing”. From then on, I knew I could trust his recommendations without hesitation. That’s why all of our cars go to Manny when we they need a service or if something seems wrong. I would have sold my 12 year old car years ago if I didn’t have confidence that Manny was around to keep it running well.

Mick Hellyer

I called in with a problem which Manny fixed in 2 minutes. I offered to pay but he wouldn’t take anything. Great man, great service. Recommend to everyone – thanks Manny.


Excellent honest service. Manny won’t try to confuse you and up sell anything. Genuine honest mechanic.

Seva Shorin

I stopped by Manny’s shop to discuss a problem with my car. A few minutes later he was running diagnostics and determined the battery was faulty. He gave me the report and didn’t charge me a cent. I replaced the battery and problem solved. I would not hesitate to recommend Manny’s. He provides old school service that almost does not exist anymore and he knows what he is doing.

Jeff Tucker

Manny’s is one of the rare mechanics who are not out to rip you off. If you want professional service, reliablity, and honest feedback then go see Manny. Top bloke and top mechanic!

Daniel Roberts

Mannys Mechanical Repair has treated us right! We took our old Camry there for some time, and Manny and his team always provided honest advice including when it was time to replace the car. We were so happy with the consistent high standard of service that we have now taken our new car there as well. Additionally, Manny himself generously helped us out of a tight spot, just last week. Were quite thankful, and happily publish this review!

Brant & Nicole

Great pair of blokes, I’ve taken my old 45 year old muscle car there a few times and always left satisfied. They are affordable, reasonable and work within their “realistic timeline” which is understandable. These guys have the know how to overcome any problem I’ve thrown at them so far so I’m happy to trust them. Definantly worth a call in for an opinion or to book a service.

Andrew Gosling

I dropped my car in to Manny on Friday morning for some engine repairs. He had everything good to go by that afternoon. Easily one of the most affordable and quickest repairs I’ve experienced in a long time. The car is running beautifully now. The shop is right next to Enoggera train station, which made dropping off the car and getting to work in the city so simple. After years of bouncing around from mechanic to mechanic, I’ve finally found a reliable and convenient auto repair shop.


Took my car in for an oil and filter change and basic service, was given a fair and good price for the service and and an exact time to come and pick the car up. Manny is extremely reliable and trustworthy, will now take my car to him for all future services!

Storm Sergeant

Manny is the Han Solo of the mechanic world. Honest, fast and reliable. A+

David Ash

Excellent service, phoned manny in the morning and got quoted and honest information straight away and car was fixed by lunchtime, will take my car there for future servicing.

Adam Wissmer

Manny listens to what you think you need and then looks at the actual issues and gets the job done with a smile. He’s been doing my car/s for almost 10 years. Highly recommended.

Daemon Singer

Took my car to Manny after receiving some skeptical quotes from another garage. He was polite and friendly to deal with. He fixed the issue for less than other quotes I’ve received and his customer service is first rate. I will gladly use him for future work and would highly recommend him. Glad to have found him. 5 Stars.


Absolutely excellent to deal with. I was recently advised that the rear suspension bushes on my Falcon required replacement at a cost of over $1000. I went to see Manny for a second opinion. He promptly put the car on the hoist and advised that the bushes were still in fair condition, saving me $1000! It was refreshing to be dealing with someone with a bit of integrity.

Damian P

Where do I start. Thank you for all the help!!! Very kind and understanding and fixed my car first go! There are genuine people in this world 🙂 Keep being you Manny.


After my husband let our van run out of diesel yesterday, it would not restart and was taken to Mannys by tow truck. I will admit to being rather stressed out. Especially since we had to change our daughters Physio appointment time, making us late for her hospital admission. Not to mention another needless cost. But, Manny took pity on us. Without us saying anything, he got the van working. And sent us on our way, free of charge. There are still good people left in this world. Thank you Manny.

Kiwi Aussie

When I stupidly let my Diesel van run out of fuel Manny went to great lengths to get it running again and very clearly impressed on me I should never let that happen again. It is the second time I have been to Manny’s and he will be my regular mechanic from now on.


I didn’t know anything about the mechanics of cars and I happened to have a Holden Commodore 2001, which had been serviced by this unreliably rip off mechanic at Ennogra, the sort that tries to dig into your pocket the moment he opens his mouth. I had already spent about 1500 on that mechanic, trusting him for his word. After a radiator flush, he used the same clamp, on the hose , which later gave in and coolants started to leak. Paid a 190 for being towed from Caboolture to Stafford. Twas a Sunday, and like every one I bumped into Manny’s reviews by his customers and seemed like a go to person. He was kind enough to answer his phone on a Sunday, and asked me to bring the car over. Next day I took the car using another tow truck to get the car dropped at Manny’s and on the way the driver and I struck a conversation about the car and its problems and came to the conclusion that the head gasket was gone and it would set me back at least 2500 for the fix. Manny had a chat with the tow truck driver and took his word as a head gasket fix and quoted me 2800 for the fix, and 2 days time. I agreed and was wiling to pay the cost. At around 3pm the next afternoon, Manny called me and said there was nothing wrong with the engine, after having done a pressure test on the vehicle. That was a relief and I went to pick up the car and drove it with no issues. THIS IS THE HONESTY AND INTEGRITY THIS MAN HAS TO HIS WORK AND HIS CUSTOMERS. I have never gone anywhere else but to Manny’s for all my mechanical works on my car. I couldn’t ask for a better person to look after my cars. Friendly, enthusiastic,honest and a bang for your buck person, are some of the traits, other mechanics need to lean from this top bloke. Thank you for your great service Manny. Always your customer,

Tom, Aspley.

Service with a smile!! Manny is my go to man when it comes to my car, ALWAYS does what he can to help and then some. My older car has always been looked after very well. Thank you for everything!!!!!!!!

Damsel in Distress

Manny wasn’t able to fix my car as I have a second hand Alfa Romeo and he didn’t have the required diagnostics to accurately determine the fault. However he let me know that he thought he knew the problem but couldn’t be sure. Further to that he sought out a mechanic who specialised in European cars and dropped my car there. He did all this without charging me. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate taking another car there for service or to fix a fault.

Ben V

Manny has been my mechanic for years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. He is always available and has gone out of his way to give me value for money and good service.I know when I book in work with Manny that he does the job well,the price will be the cheapest he can do it for and that he is honest and reliable. Perfectly positioned close to Enoggera Train Station for easy drop off and collecting later. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Manny for all your car repairs.

Jacqueline E

I have been utilising Manny’s services since just after the invention of the wheel. He is younger than me but has now been mechanic in charge of 4 vehicles for me from a 1992 Celica, to a 1985 Corolla, now a 2005 RAV4 and a Barina Spark Circa 2013. I cannot think of even one time he has done something that would even make me think of anything but brilliant service, accommodating (from a time perspective) and very forthright about the car’s state when it was shown to him. My preference has always been for a mechanic to be honest about a vehicle and Manny has always been that. That being said, I don’t have ridiculous expectations, such as making a smoking wreck into a silk purse like that one earlier complaining about Manny being rude. It simply doesn’t happen, though if a person from one of those up-market suburbs was told “the car isn’t worth spending money on”, they may consider that to be rude. I don’t. But then I’m a grown-up.


Finally I don’t feel that I’m being ripped off. After many bad experiences as a female trying to get the car serviced and being ripped off and spoken to in a condescending way, when I moved to Brisbane I decided to try Manny’s after reading positive reviews on this site. He is genuinely a nice guy who is keen to help you in the most cost effective way. We now take all our cars to Manny’s and I have peace of mind that I am being told the truth and paying a fair price.

Bob Ham

I booked my car in for a service yesterday. Manny was great, he threw in a few extras, was kind, hard working and did a great job. You can tell he has a true passion to help and values doing a great job. I would recommend him to other young women wanting great value for money!


Manny has been servicing and maintaining my cars for 6 over years now and during that time not only has he saved me time and money compared with the dealerships, he has done it with great integrity and honesty. My cars have never missed a beat and they run as good now as they did when Manny first started servicing them. With a knowledge of cars limited to how to fill it with petrol and water, I rely entirely on the skill, workmanship and honesty of an experienced mechanic. I get all this and more with Manny. He is what many tradespeople and mechanics aren’t. On time, reliable, efficient, personable, friendly, cheerful, and willing to go that little bit further to provide the best customer service experience possible. As someone who works in the customer service industry, I have no reservation whatsoever in giving Manny the highest of recommendations for anyone searching for a first class mechanic with a personality to match.


Wow where do I start with Manny…I use to work with him many years ago (when he was the mechanic at the service station I worked at) and he was and is always true to his word and would help me with the mechanical requirements for the many OLDER model cars I have had over the years; unlike a certain review Manny does not distinguish between older or newer model cars. Nothing was ever too much effort, if I was having an issue he would not hesitate to help me out and in most cases would only charge minimal as I did not make a great deal of money at the time as I was studying; even though for the service he was giving I would have happily paid any amount, as he offered peace of mind and would explain exactly what he had done. After the fantastic service I have had from Manny I did not hesitate in recommending him to both of my parents who have always had older model vehicles and had been messed around over the years, also there aren’t many mechanics that come out to do vehicle inspections anymore. He had never met them before but drove across to the north side of Brisbane on a saturday afternoon to inspect a vehicle for them after I had called him to ask for his help. He went over the vehicle with such detail (detecting some issues) and told them exactly what the vehicle was worth and what the dealer had to repair before agreeing to the purchase. Using his advise and recommendations they did purchase the particular vehicle (Toyota Camry CSI 1998) for the Manny’s recommended price and the dealer was happy to repair all issues that Manny detected in his inspection. That was in 2006 and mum and dad still have the same vehicle today (after continuing to have the car serviced by Manny) Even though Manny’s workshop is in Enoggera now he has come and serviced their vehicle using his mobile van, was even happy on one occasion to collect their vehicle and drive it back for them. Classic 1st person service!! Manny is the only person that both Mum, Dad & I trust to service our vehicles as he will always speak the truth (with no crap) and will keep costs user friendly. I would challenge anyone who complains about the service Manny offers. I would like to sum up the service and business Manny runs in 4 simple works TRUSTWORTHY, RELIABLE & NO CRAP!

Tom Treloar

This mechanic was recommended to me by a friend and true to their word he is honest reliable and totally trustworthy. Over the phone advice is no trouble for him and he helped us get a car for our daughter that is safe and reliable without spending a fortune. We have tried other mechanics in the area and have been ‘torn a new one’ every time. We will not have to look for another mechanic now we have found Mannny. Great customer service, nothing is too much trouble.


Finally an honest and reliable mechanic! Love the friendly personalised atmosphere and the professional approach. I was particularly impressed by the way Manny takes the time to explain things in an easy to understand layman’s language and always ensures a time efficient and cost effective job is done. Nothing is too much trouble and you are left with the feeling that your vehicle has been well looked after. Great for over the telephone questions too! I will certainly be recommending Manny to my friends, family and clients.


Manny has helped me out many times since I first called him about 6 months ago. He’s extremely friendly, helpful and reasonably priced. I highly recommend him!
Footprint – I have been using Manny for my Toyotas for over 4 months. He is reliable and honest and the best thing about it is he tells the truth. He has the latest test equipment and all in the back of one of those little vans. Highly recommended.