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What is a logbook service?

A logbook is a booklet supplied by the car manufacturer which is generally situated in the glovebox.

The logbook contains vital information about service requirements to your vehicle for the first 200 000km of the vehicle.

The logbook will tell you what needs to be done & at what time (ie, coolant to be replaced at 30 000km is a example)

The log book will also give you a indication on how long the service should take . Depending on which manufacturer servicing should be done at 5000km-10 000km or 15000km increments

logbook services

Personally i find 15000 km a touch too long and if the customer forgets then the vehicle has reached 20 000km before a service is done(please read previous tip on oil change) Keeping your logbook updated and your vehicle well maintained is vital for the following reasons

  1. You have a detailed history of the service shedule which makes selling your car for a good price more viable
  2. The technician conducting your service has a clear idea that your vehicle is in good condition and has a clear history of what has been done to your vehicle.this minimizes confusion and overselling (ie brake fluid flushes)
  3. Manufacturer are now offering 5/ 10 year warranties, missing out on a logbook service can easily void your warranty so donot give a mug a chance to diddle you out fixing something which they should because ,of a minor technicality like missing a service for a few 100 km on the other hand if the vehical has missed out on its service shedule alltogether then the contract is over .., due to neglect.

A few notes:

The vehicle does not have to be serviced at a dealership a reputable professional service business that is professionally registered can do the log book service and stamp your book , providing they carry out the service shedule in accordance to the logbook standard.

I strongly recommend the owners of their vehicle find their logbook and become aquainted with it,read it and try to understand a bit more about your car, knowledge is power.

I hoped this has helped regards – Manny