Water Pump Auto RepairA car cooling system consists of a radiator, radiator hoses, heater, heater hoses, thermostat, water pump and special coolant. Radiator fans.

The internal combustion engine runs @ over 300 degrees Celsius which left alone would eventually seize from overheating causing rotating components to bind-with the aid of oil in the sump a cooling system is added externally around the engine block-transferring excessive heat away from the engine block to the radiator where heat is transferred to the radiator fins for cooling, A pump is added (hence water pump) circulating the coolant around the block ensuing even distribution coolant flowing thus avoiding `hot spots`.as mentioned earlier-combustion temperatures are at 300 c. A thermostat or  temperature valve is fitted to ensure the engine is  at a required temperature before the valve opens causing the coolant to flow at around 85 degrees Celsius. With the aid of cycling cooling fans drawing air through the radiator-the temperature of the internal engine can be controlled. Coolant has a special chemical which aids cooling, lubricates, stops rust deposits and stops a unique electrical charge being created called ELECTROLISIS- which in turn eats away alloy in the cylinder head.

Here at MANNYS MECHANICAL REPAIRS we provide full cooling system maintenance, we replace radiators, hoses, water pumps, coolant replacement, which can be done at our fully equipped workshop or mobile breakdown service- Enoggera, Mitchelton, Alderley. Newmarket, ASHGROVE, FERNYGROVE, FERNY HILLS. KEPERRA. EVERTON PARK, EVERTON HILLS, MCDOWELL, STAFFORD, GRANGE, WINDSOR. WILSTON, BRIDGEMAN DOWNS . THE GAP ,

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We have the latest diagnostic equipment and my work van is fitted out with an industrial air compressor. This enables me to perform heavy duty work and give you – the customer – the best service at any place and at any time.

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