As a business owner I am continually reviewing on how we can make the business better in the service-calibrate-repair business.

The number of times I receive phone calls of potential customers wanting to immediately know the price to fix a complex automotive problem is a very frustrating & a on-going scenario- Especially when we do not know or have examined the problem or HAVE NO SERVICE HISTORY of the vehicle. We also have to deal with immediate gratification society

A wrong comment, information, diagnostic or quote can lead to possible serious litigation consequences.

Ok. You have a problem with a car..,

So let us start with some serious psychological analogy that must be changed straight away

  1. Cars are now computers on wheels, make no mistake- they require serious protocol.
  2. Fixing a problem requires time, So make time to get the car checked out & get other transportation to get by- & please- please- please make sure the car has at least ½ tank of fuel .
  3. Be very wary on who is diagnosing your problem & have they got the right diagnostic equipment- the old adage “Garbage in- Garbage out.” It amazes me how I have to deal with a customer who has had a wrong diagnosis from a tyre shop or a muffler shop.
  4. Totally not interested in customers who only focus on price or supply their own parts.
  5. Focus on the problem one at a time-
  6. This is the Biggy!-  If you think Mechanics/Technicians are bogans or are inferior forms of human evolution- WHO SHOULD ONLY CHARGE PEANUTS.., because we do not have a university degree & that what we do is your perception of mediocrity- you will get my steel cap boot up your Google one star…….. rating!

Fixing a problem is a process that must be backed up by accurate data-

Here is what we do-

  • Complaint- Accurate information supplied by the customer is so vital, when, where, how? @ what temperature cold or hot, what speed ? turning left or right- Get the picture..,
  • Procedure- TEST DRIVING the vehicle requires verification of the problem. From here.., It cannot be stressed that the correct symptom is itemized, this may require test driving with the customer to again verify the problem.
  • Course of action-Once the symptom/problem has been isolated & confirmed- measure, checks & the system has to studied with correct diagnosing equipment – in the case of engine performance issues this is further broken down to Air- Fuel- Mechanical- Ignition areas- until the cause is found- once the cause is located two vital pieces of information are now known- cost & time how long it will take to fix.
  • The last part is a summary of the whole procedure & any other items that may require attention-this then followed by a quote

Accurate diagnostics is a organized procedure that cannot be underestimated- I stress to you reading this blog- do your homework!

Now with hybrids-electric vehicles we are living in the most exciting times- does that scare me..,? Not at all- because the organized process can be adapted to anything once you know how.

 These parts changers who I have as opposition-using gimmicks & CHEAP PRICE SERVICING will fall on their swords because you get what you pay for.

 Knowledge is power- Power is organized effort!.