7:30am – 5:30pm

Monday to Friday

384 Wardell St, Enoggera.

Corner of Pickering & Wardell St, Enoggera
Underneath the Wardell street overpass

7:30am – 5:30pm

Monday to Friday

384 Wardell St, Enoggera.

Corner of Pickering & Wardell St, Enoggera
Underneath the Wardell street overpass

Manny’s Mechanical Repairs

Mechanic Enoggera, Brisbane



For Bookings and enquiries, please phone : 0411 496 621

Address: 384 Wardell St, Enoggera. Corner of Pickering and Wardell Street, Enoggera

(Corner of Pickering and Wardell streets)

The modern car is made up of many systems.

Our Mechanical Services

Car Servicing & Tuning

Mannys Mechanical Repairs safely conduct car servicing and tuning to the public. Find out more about what is involved in the process here.

Log Book Servicing

The logbook contains vital information about service requirements to your vehicle. Learn more about your cars log book servicing here.

Dyno Tuning

The Dyno can simulate heavy load conditions for checking ignition faults safely. Find out more about Dyno Diagnostics and Tuning here.

Pre-Holiday Safety Check

The holidays are nearly here and you have a long interstate drive coming up. Make sure to get your car checked with our safety inspection.

4WD & SUV Servicing

Mannys Mechanical Repairs conducts 4WD & SUV Servicing to help your vehicle perform in the adventurous outback. Find out more here.

Safety Certificates

Mannys Mechanical Repairs is an approved inspection station which means we can perform Safety & roadworthy certificates or Pink Slips.

Car Brake Problems

The brake system us one of the most important components to your safety. That’t why we service car brake problems very carefully.

Tuning & Emission

Mannys Mechanical Repairs conducts a full car engine service to ensure that the vehicle is able to tune themselves.

Car Electrical Problem

The electrics in a car is the life blood of the working system and must be monitored. We conduct full car electrical diagnostics.

Cooling & Overheating

Here at Manny Mechanical Repairs, we provide full cooling system maintenance at our fully equipped workshop in Enoggera.

Company Fleet Servicing

At Manny’s Mechanical Repairs, the goal is to keep your vehicles in reliable safety certificate standard. Book your company fleet in for a service!

Suspension & Steering

At Mannys Mechanical Repairs, we test drive your vehicle and listen for any knocks, creaks and squeals to ensure your car is not under-performing.

Certificate of Inspection

Here at Manny Mechanical Repairs, we can conduct a certificate of inspection for UBERS, Taxis and other share ride vehicles.

Car Diagnostics

If you have a problem with your car, book it in with Manny Mechanical Repairs today for a full car diagnostic and service and fix those problems.

VW, Skoda & Audi Repairs

Mannys Mechanical Repairs are equipped and specialise in VW, Audi & Skoda vehicles. We have the ability to service & repair these turbo diesels.

Ford Specialist

Manny’s Mechanical Repairs is your Ford Specialist Enoggera. We specialise in servicing, repairs & tuning. Find out more about for servicing here.

Manny's Mechanical Repairs Mission - To Serve, To Perform, To Guide. 

Background: I started my apprenticeship in November 1981- the last 40 years has seen the biggest technology changes since the beginning of mass production manufacture & I have witness & experience these changes firsthand.

I started my own business in December 2007 as A mobile Mechanic then built the business up & leased My present workshop April 2012- That is 11 years to the day.

Logo: My logo has a character image of Sir Jack Brabham driving his open wheeler Bt19- Why Jack Brabham? Sir Jack is the only formula one champion who built & raced his own cars, He was the first person to win two world Championships one year after the other he actually won three F1 titles, He was the pioneer in putting the  engine in the back of the car to improve aerodynamics, he was the first sportsman to be Knighted  in probably the most dangerous sporting era- these guys were actually sitting on fuel tanks, He also helped Honda get a foot in the door in F1 – NO ONE ELSE HAS DONE THIS and…… he is AUSTRALIAN!

To Serve: Customers are everything, Try and run a business without them- Our focus is building relationships, trust through excellent work, Excellent advice, Excellent habits- our job is ensuring the customers car is running to & beyond safety & performance standards.

To Perform: You are either getting better or getting worse, simply put you we have an insatiable desire to learn, grow, develop & master skill. This includes reading attending courses Seminars online meetings. The reality is we are in the business of solving problems, The more problems we solve (I stress WE) The better is our knowledge base the more we can help our customers- Let me say this- Solving problems is a logical process, Indiscriminate parts replacement or scatter gun approach in the hope of fixing the problem is not accepted nor performed in this business.

To Guide: This is the big difference between us a private business & the ‘churn `em out’ franchises. Is that We offer our customers a more tailor made 1, 2 ,3 or even 5 year plan on how to keep you car in tip top condition & get the best return on selling or trading in your car or even still you may want to pass your car to a loved one, your children, in other words…, we are here to help you against the parasites, sharks and bull shit artists who try their silly tricks to side-track or bamboozle you  with rubbish rhetoric to sell you whatever to meet THEIR quota`s.

Simply, we put your safety & the performance of your vehicle BEFORE the dollar.


Bringing automotive power to the people.

Manny`s Mechanical Repairs Enoggera  is a professional private systemised car service and repairer – who are highly trained Car Diagnostic Specialists and Repairers.

Today we live in a busy, rapid changing world and your car needs to be  safe and reliable to meet the demands of day to day life. Your car also requires to be performing at its full potential in power and economy.

Your car is made up of many systems that constantly need to be inspected and maintained in a consistent, periodic, professional procedures and at times problems may occur.

Correct and accurate car/automotive diagnostics with any problem from the above list gives the customer two vital pieces of information:

  1. Cost – How much is the repair going to be?
  2. Time – How long is it going to take to repair?

Manny`s focus is on what immediately requires attention (safety) and then prioritize any other problems (or forthcoming issues) in a organized fashion ensuring your vehicle is complying with or above the safety certificate standards of Queensland Department of Transport AT ALL TIMES.

How is Manny’s Mechanical Repairs different from the competitors? Continual training! Here at Manny`s we invest time, effort and money in learning and diagnostic equipment. We constantly attend technical seminars, college seminars, webinars also conduct in-house training. The knowledge we attain is directly applied to the customer`s cars.

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Manny’s mechanical repairs services the following areas:

Ashgrove, Alderley, Albany Creek, Gaythorne, Mitchelton, Grovely, Oxford Park Everton Park, Everton Hills, Arana Hills, Ferny Hills, Ferny Grove, Arana Hills, Bridgeman Downs, Keperra, The Gap, Bardon, Rainworth, Paddington, Kelvin Grove, Herston, Windsor, Wilston, Grange, Gordon Park, Wooloowin, Stafford, Stafford Heights, Kedron, Spring Hill.

I have the latest diagnostic equipment and my work van is fitted out with  a industrial air compressor.

This enables me to  perform heavy duty work & give you the customer the best service at any place and at any time.