Manny`s Mechanical Repairs are equipped & specializes in Volkswagen , Audi & Skoda late model vehicles.

Manny`s has invested in the latest Ross-Tech VAG-COM (VCDS) scanner & diagnostic software.

Unlike many other workshops who cannot reset your VW, Skoda & Audi service lights & indicators, we here at Mannys can perform Factory Level Diagnostics and Service Functions!

We also have the ability to service & diagnose Turbo Diesels. In fact we have saved so many customers travelling time going to dealerships because we could program in-house injector codes.

The VCDS scanner also enables us to monitor communication (Gateway) from all modules. The software is continually updated through the internet. The scanner can perform accurate emission testing.

We also have other diagnostic scanners, Oscilloscopes, Gas analysers & testing equipment to perform a thorough examination of your car engine performance.

As the saying goes-

“If you cannot measure it… You cannot manage it!”

Manny`s objective is to obtain optimum performance & quality repairs. To achieve this, we continually invest in the best training, equipment & use the best parts to reach & surpass factory standards.

Manny`s Mechanical is a totally private small business. We have no affiliations with any franchises nor are we related to any marketing gimmicks. Simply put, we believe & have faith in what we do by providing the best service through action.

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