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Since the Covid pandemic there has been a surge in Electric vehicle sales.

Politicians wanting to get into Government use fear, doom , gloom predictions & make ridiculous mandates to try & show the world that we are a leader in saving the planet- let’s make every one buy electric vehicles, recycle, wind, solar go naked yeah, yeah, yeah , go green… WHAT A LOT OF CRAP!

At present we have a labour Government who is supposed to be representing the worker, industry, manufacturing & the labour workforce, who are running around getting in bed with the greens and taking selfies at Taylor Swift Concerts. (& do not mention THE VOICE debacle that was a real winner-NOT!)

I am writing this blog for worried customers who are thinking about buying a car & cannot decide should they buy a electric vehicle or not-

Here is my take on the situation- for what’s it worth…

In a nutshell- Going green is expensive, in Australia.

People who are buying Ev’s (Electric Vehicles) are doing so because…

 1/ Sick of paying fuel prices

 2/ Prestige-‘look at me! look at me!…”

Personally, I would like to wait 3-5 years to start seeing some recurring faults regulation & study the recalls that will eventually come from the swamp of electric vehicles which is now flooding the market, these cheap mass produced Chinese electric vehicles that have been subsidized by the Chinese Government to undercut every car manufacturer is a real concern on safety

If you are thinking of buying a car

Then good quality petrol car is still the front runner- sure you are paying for petrol- but they`re cheap to run , service, maintain & repair- if you want to  go green & save the planet I advise Toyota hybrid & Tesla both companies  have the points on the board as time goes we will see the good & bad as I said give it 3- 5 years.

So why going green Australia is a load of BS

Please look at the four maps above

Top Right-United states of America- 335 million people

 Top Left – Most of developed Europe & UK 400 million People

Bottom right- China 1.2 billion people

Bottom left – India 1.4 billion people

Now please focus on the size of Australia compared to these Countries- please excuse the picture of India but nevertheless… AUSTRALIA IS MASSIVE!

Australia’s Population…wait for it-Just hit 27 million!

We have a massive country with a huge desert in the middle of it.

Australia is bigger than India, Bigger than Europe & nearly the same size as America-


We recently had someone complained that Taylor Swift Personal Jet emitted more greenhouse emissions than a standard Jumbo Jet-  like as if our paltry population would even notice…Oh Please… that Lovely young lady had 5 concerts & generated millions of dollars in the economy in just a few nights- what a joke


People do not realize how huge Australia is… it’s a massive UNDER-POPULATED country to build electrification infrastructure in remote area is a expensive & massive undertaking

Personally, a good quality petrol car is the best & cheapest option. Followed by A hybrid.

In time with better technology things will change- I still believe it’s bit too early to push for electric…

But in cities like Tokyo, Delhi, Shanghai, Sao Paulo where their tens of millions of people all cramped together then its Electric vehicle all the way…

That’s my take.