In the last 10-13 years Australians have followed the trend of Americans by having bigger & more interior spacious vehicles. The poor old car sedan is becoming a dinosaur & station wagons are nearly obsolete. The vogue is now hot sportier hatches, SUV`s & better performing 4WDs or All wheel drives.

Queensland is God`s Paradise. Beautiful beaches & Dunes, Rainforests, Mountain ranges, long drives.., Why would you want to live anywhere else?

Families are becoming more adventurous – mountain bikes, camping, fishing- the world is moving, especially on weekends!

This is exactly the reason families are buying bigger more spacious vehicles.

Servicing larger vehicles require a different thought process when it comes to Maintenance & repair:

  1. Take your Sports utility Vehicle or 4 wheel drive to a proper workshop with appropriate lifting equipment and do not use mobile mechanics, especially when a safety certificate inspection is required.
  2. Because the SUV, 4WD is generally taller than a regular car (with a higher centre of Gravity) you must ensure the suspension & brakes are in good condition all the time
  3. Tyres are critical.., Make sure you have the right tyres for what conditions you are using the vehicle for. A word of advice, educate yourself to understand what tyre pressure is required for your vehicle. 
  4. If you have just gone off road through creeks, beaches or streams of water then immediately bring your vehicle in to get gearbox & differential fluids replaced


All wheel drives, four wheel drives & Sports utility vehicles generally are bigger & have higher ground clearance.

A 4 tonne hoist is vital for proper maintenance as are heavy duty air guns & equipment.

Manny`s Mechanical Repairs specialises in the service & repair to your vehicle and we take special account of your driving style & driving locations. We monitor & review the service history, the present condition & future driving destinations.

We test & tune the engine to deliver reliable consistent power & good fuel economy.

We ensure your vehicle is at safety certificate standard & above. We advise & quote on future impending repairs or actions- in a nutshell we develop a ongoing relationship with you and your vehicle.., turning your vehicle into a reliable asset.

So why choose Manny`s? Our advantage is our ability, our passion & skill set to solve more problems & make vehicles perform to peak levels.

To serve, To perform, To guide

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