A Certificate of inspection is very similar to a Safety certificate

UBER, Taxis & other share ride vehicles, Now done online!

The difference is A Safety Certificate is A  inspection procedure  conducted when a vehicle changes registration.., say from Victoria to Queensland or from South Australia To Queensland as a example..,

Also, If the vehicle is being sold from one owner to another- or is being given as a gift from one family member to another – When vehicles are being sold or transferred from a company to another company-anything that is change of ownership requires a Safety Certificate.

A Certificate of Inspection is organized inspection procedure- for ongoing share ride vehicles.., A example is a Uber nominated vehicle- which requires a periodic inspection to ensure that the vehicle has reached & maintained safety & performance standards other vehicles like Taxis & Ola anything income generated share rides need continuing ongoing periodic inspections hence a Certificate of Inspection.

 Manny`s Mechanical Repairs also do Safety Certificate & Certificate of inspections & report on-line, making the process more streamline & quicker.

I hope this has helped-Manny

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