Keeping your vehicles properly maintained & reliable is crucial for your business success-

Taking your vehicle into a dealership for a logbook service can be time consuming & cause lost productivity, also dealing with upsells is relentless – then some how you have make time to pick up the vehicle. I have come across many businesses who cannot be bothered with all that goes on, just to get their vehicles serviced – then having to mix with different personalities in a revolving merry go round of different staff at some of these service centres.

Good quality reliable vehicle service requires consistent standards-

Its very similar to your local GP – who has records of your well being from previous visits – also if you have been in hospital all records & results are sent to your GP – Thus your personal doctor has a full inventory of your condition of health & possibly prepare you for any further developments.

Having a personal Technician/ Mechanic is very similar

At Manny’s Mechanical Repairs – The standard/goal is to keep your vehicles in Reliable – Safety Certificate standard with excellent economy & power.

Keeping your vehicle above safety certificate standards makes your vehicle a income producing asset- then when it is time to sell or upgrade your vehicle you will also receive the benefit of top dollar when you wish to sell or trade in.

So why come to Manny’s Mechanical Repairs instead of a Tyre or Muffler shop or a churn ’em out franchise?

Because Vehicles are now Computers on wheels – Make no mistake they are complex machines.  They have sensors that monitor everything. Vehicles also adapt to each individual driver.

The mechanic you choose must have desire to continually learn, upgrade & invest top quality equipment- this takes guts & commitment & this is what you should look for if you want your vehicle well maintained.

Before performing a service we take a inventory of past service history, we also record all customer concerns & give priority on what is required with safety first.

After a full examination a quote will be drawn & emailed to the person who is in charge.  In some cases a investment be required in a part/component that is required to get a particular system operational so it can be further examined.

After confirmation by the person in charge, the repair or service will be carried out.

Any additional or future maintenance required will  have a follow up quote emailed.

A summary will be given on the condition of the vehicle & what may be required for the future.

Everything is recorded!

We are serious Technicians & we like what we do & our highest priority is to look after our good customers- it then does not become work but a built up relationship.

 I hope this has helped – Manny

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