A Dyno or 2 Wheel Chassis Dyno is a measuring tool- better known as a rolling road.

This expensive/technical equipment enables Manny`s Mechanical Repairs to go the extra yard in tuning & Diagnostics.

The rolling road can perform a variety of tests & fitted with wideband sensors lets us observe actual legitimate emission readings under various loads & conditions, it also enables us operate the vehicle beyond 100kmph speed limits safely!.

Other useful testing are speedo checks- We can run the vehicle –set parameters measure if your odometer (speedo) is accurate.

The Dyno can simulate heavy load conditions(like going up a mountain) which is great for checking ignition faults, The Dyno can hold the vehicle at variety of rpm ranges (Steady State) which is ideal for tuning air flow- in Standalone or Reflashing computer software- this is where real tuning is done.

The big advantage of a Dyno is it can measure power outputs- Horse power & Torque gains or in some cases losses- but at least you know where your vehicle has improved or not

This is ideal when modifications are to be done- example, if you are fitting a sports exhaust system or fitting cold air intake or even a bigger throttle body for more air flow. We can measure the power output-record the results at standard, before the modification are done.

 Then fit your modifications, comeback & do a comparison dyno run- from here we can measure your results & see if you have made any progress.

It amazes me that people spend thousands at muffler shops for extractors, sports exhaust & have no idea if their vehicle has made any performance or economy gains.

Also with correct software applications bigger tyres & wheels can be fitted to your vehicle- the actual rolling dimensions are then added to the computer and calculations are made by the computer to show accurate speedo readings

While our competitors open coffee shops or get into bed with smooth talking cost cutting service gimmick gurus or put their useless service stickers on the back of car rear windows,

We continually invest in expensive equipment developing better skills & are obsessed with focused   delivery of better diagnostics & tuning.


Note – so what is difference between torque & horsepower?

Torque is the driving turning motion when starting off say from a standing still position- it’s the driving force required to get the vehicle up to speed. Similar to a powerful 100m sprinter starting off- his/her powerful legs pushing the body forwards to acceleration. This is where turbo diesels have the advantage.

Horsepower is the rate of speed with load- once the sprinter is in full flight he/she starts to stride out opens the legs out to gain more distance at quicker rate this is horse power- turbo petrol have the advantage.

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