What is the best car to buy?

Many times I get asked what is the best car to buy ? ..from my customers, parents or young people just starting out buying their first car.

My answer is this- The car market is a very tough competitive market and the main generic manufacturers cannot afford to make lemons, But there are pitfalls to lookout for.

I strongly believe, Buy the best car you can afford. Features like air bags, traction control, steering stability controls are not gimmicks but can actually save your life, this is a must.. . A five star safety rating is there for a reason.

When buying a car I would get a pen and paper and write down what are the main points you want in a car is it 7 seats or good fuel economy, power & performance, environmentally friendly hybrid, The main point is to write your needs and wants down, then go through the different manufacturers that offer what you want. From there Make a list of the possible choices, personally I would buy a car that is about two years old( That is if I am buying second hand vehicle)

I would avoid vehicles over 12 years old, Even though they make look like bargains, Its not uncommon to find manufacturers no longer making spare parts for these models. When you have a idea of what you want, then go onto carsguide.com.au or carsales.com.au from there you can enter the year, make model of the car you want and you can compare what is offered right around the country.

Here is where you can pick up a bargain, By investing a bit of time learning about the car you want to buy and its features and its price range you now have ammunition to walk into a car yard and not be screwed over by a smooth talking car sales person.., because you know exactly what you want and how much you want to pay.

When the car sales person gets wind that you know what you want, More often than not They are willing to sell their miserable souls to sell you the car ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS AT THE END OF THE MONTH AND THEY DESPERATELY NEED TO BEEF UP THEIR CAR SALES QUOTA.

If for some reason they will not negotiate, Then wipe your hands off them and proceed to next car yard on your list and start again, You may love the car they have but a least you have a satisfying feeling that you have not been screwed over.

A few tips to watch out for 1/ If there is a car you like example a Hyundai getz then go into a Hyundai forum and read the comments from owners you can pick up a lot of information from these blogs.2/I would buy a second hand car from a main dealership rather than a shady car yard, the prices may be a little higher but at least the back round of the car can be tracked accurately. 3/I would be very wary of these Chinese and Indian cheap cars and old Korean cars( older than 10 years) They do not have the build quality of main stream Japanese cars.

To wrap up this blog , As the old saying goes KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! By investing some time in what you want you can get yourself a excellent value for money vehicle the main key is clarity!- I hoped this has helped regards- Manny