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Why engine oil changes and services are critical to the running of your car?

The oil change

Perhaps one of the most basic yet often neglected disciplines in owning a car. In my 30years experience as a mechanic i have seen tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage done to car engines just through neglect of servicing (predominately lack of oil changes)

The main reason is because the modern car is well designed that it is so easy to skip a couple of thousand kilometres or I just haven`t got around to do it! scenario. The car service is liken to this saying YOU MUST SACRIFICE SOME NOW TO INVEST IN THE FUTURE.

SO WHY?…,the car or the engine is a energy producing power plant or what is known as part of the drivetrain.the engine has many rotating components in fact anything that moves in the engine requires lubrication.the lubricating system in the the engine can be likened to blood vessels in the human body. The human body has a heart which pumps blood, The arteries carry the blood to vital organs in the body. The car engine is the same it has a oil pump, oil galleries which directs vital oil(oil pressure & oil volume) to the crankshafts,bearings,camshaft and now with the advent of variable valve timing(vvt)quality oil is critical to the smooth operation to the engine.

Blood in the human body requires to be filtered, this is done through internal filtering.The car engine has a basic oil filter but this and the oil periodically requires replacing. THE MAIN CULPRIT WHICH CONTAMINATES OIL IS UNBURNT FUEL. Unburnt fuel is fuel which bypasses the engine rings and falls into the sump. The fuel breaks up the chemical composition of the engine oil. The engine oil main job is to lubricate but also to cool rotating components, when oil is infected by too much unburnt fuel it forms a sludge, which in time can block oil pick up tubes, oil galleries, oil filters by blocking the oil galleries the engine top parts become starved of oil. This can somewhat be likened to some one who has a stroke through blockages of the arteries.the blood is blocked causing brain damage. RECOMMENDATIONS- I recommend for new cars or any cars to follow the times stated in your log book. When to get your car serviced. If your logbook is missing or you have just bought a second hand car a good rule of thumb is get your car serviced once every 6 months or every 10 000km of driving.


  1. Always use a quality brand oil like mobil, shell, Castrol these companies spend billions of dollars in oil technology use only the best
  2. If your car car has not been driven for three months or more I recommend a service immediately ,cars are designed to be driven and driven long distances. I hope this has helped –regards Manny