Brisbane Mechanic Motor Vehicle TipsBe Wary Of Flood Affected Car Sales

The recent floods have brought hundreds of flooded cars to the market place. Please,please be very careful in parting with your hard earned cash when buying a car especially one that has been under water from the floods & here are the reasons why!

  1. Flood affected late model cars are not covered by manufacturers warranty especially cars that may be a year old.
  2. Anything that rotates is supported by bearings,these bearings like wheel bearings are sealed & may have had all there lubricating broken down by water,what this means that wheel bearings may fail not now, but may be in one month, 6 months , a year or two.. Who knows!
  3. Electrical circuit boards can develop rust this can effect the electrical paths and reroute the electrical circuits especially late mode cars that have a bus & lan system(car internet system)what this means is that one computer talks too the other if communication breaks down or is stopped their is a good chance the car will stop and will not restart once again this might not happen now but in months to come- a very expensive fix.
  4. The on set of 6-8 speed automatic transmissions also add to the problem,water and automatic transmission is another big no-no. If you do buy a flood affected car get a manual,these can have the infected oil drained and replaced, no electrics involved.
  5. A few months ago i had a disasterous experience with a honda civic cut a long story scanner picked up a fault code for a speed sensor vss sensor after replacing sensor the speedo still did not work,later i found out the car had been under water,the speedo head in the dash was damaged as was the wiring loom .to fix the problem it was going to be over a $1000 for a `92 civic

I know i have been very negative but there is so much that can go wrong.

The truth is, buy a good car with in your means. If you see a bargain ask yourself…, can i afford to fix the most expensive problem & get a revs check

Regards Manny