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In my thirty (30) odd years as a mechanic, perhaps the one type of vehicle I dread working on, is the car that has been severely neglected.

Generally these types of vehicles are picked up on the cheap by uneducated car buyers looking for a so called `bargain`… but, if only they knew beforehand.

I recently ended a business relationship with a customer because the vehicle he bought (@the spur of the moment) was so run down and clapped out, that to get the vehicle back to safety certificate standards, would have been two to three times the actual value of the car!

What makes it so frustrating is that the wear factor is throughout the whole of the car-meaning you go to fix one component and all the surrounding components require to be replaced or repair – inflating the repair price beyond the quote given and of course when this is explained to the customer, their comeback is “but the car is not worth that much!”

We live in a world where “time is money!”- a mechanic cannot be a miracle worker – though the car may be initially cheap to buy, the parts are still at full retail value and some times because of their scarcity, can actually be more expensive. Also going to the wreckers to get parts can be an option, but this also takes time and at a rate of $110 plus a hour this is still very expensive.

The real solution is knowledge is power – do your due diligence before buying, ensure there are log books, observe there is a track record of servicing done to the car with tangible phone numbers, where you can ring the actual company who serviced the car at previous service intervals.

Also I recommend a vehicle around 5-8 years old to buy.

In my experience, I have found it difficult to find parts for a car from a company like ford that are ten years old, they simply discontinue making parts after that time causing another headache.

Low kilometres mean less wear and tear and try avoid buying a car from outback Australia.

To summarize, I believe with a little care, asking a lot of questions and understanding, taking precautions, getting pre-inspections will minimize the risk of buying “a dangerous clapped out money pit!”

Manuel Adams – Mannys Mechanical Repairs


Man looking at a smoking engine in his car

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