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Why a Well Maintained Car Battery is Essential

The car battery is the heart & soul of your electrical system in your car – that’s why we have put together this blog on why a well maintained car battery is essential for your car. 

What is a Car Battery?

The Car Battery is made up of chemical components that react with each other creating an abundance of electrons in a 2 volt cell. This cell is added with another 6 cells to make 12 volts.

This analogy can be compared to your beating heart. Your heart pumps blood to every blood vessel in your body, and the blood carries oxygen to nourish every part of the human body.

Your heart is a pump –The car Battery is sort of a pump. It is actually a pressure vessel of electrons (Volts).

The electrons is in a way similar to your blood vessels in that they travel in a direct current (DC) to a consumer or a resistor. The current  (is Amps) the consumer or resistor ( are Ohms).

This direct current can be applied to a rotating conductor and produce alternating Current (AC).

Why a Well Maintained Car Battery is Essential

So why is a well maintained car battery so critical?

As mentioned before the electrons are pushed by the battery to every electrical load – ie. the stater motor, fuel pump, fuel injectors, ignition system, anti-lock braking system and air bag module just to name a few.

Because of so many demanding loads, batteries generally last about three years.

So you asked why is a well maintained battery so critical? If the pressure applied by the battery begins to deteriorate, this can cause slow response and application.

For example a starter motor needs at least 100-150 amps to rotate at speed if this is not met hard starting may occur. It is at this critical time that a big load is demanded of the battery and not only has the battery supply – the starter motor – but also electrons to the computer, fuel system, ignition systems and fuel injectors.

A good battery backed by a good charging system must keep the battery at a particular sustained voltage. This sustained voltage is used as a reference voltage for critical components like air bag system monitoring, traction control & anti lock braking.

If this voltage alters or loses integrity a chain of events can occur possibly resulting in a air bag not deploying at the most critical times.

My first step when diagnosing a vehicle that has emission or engine performance issue to TEST THE BATTERY FIRST!

This is done by applying a external load to the electrical system or battery. We then monitor the battery under load to see the reserve voltage capacity there must be at least 10.5 volts under load and if this is not met it is time to GET RID OF THE BATTERY!

Electrical systems require to be tested under load at different heat ranges.

Why do some batteries fail so early?

Some of the biggest killer of batteries are excessive under bonnet heat and excessive vibration and also ridicules “doof doof” stereos that can blow your ear drums with a low amp alternator.

Also letting your car sit for months on end or simply not driving it enough can be why some batteries fail early.

Some computer modules do not always go into sleep mode, they stay awake waiting for someone who will break into the car.

The little electric clock staying on drawing a minuscule amp compounds after months of inactivity. This is why a car requires to be driven and driven a lot.

But one of the biggest killer of batteries is an under-performing alternator. A poor performing alternator resulting in undercharging the battery can result in another chemical reaction called sulphating.

The sulphating destroys the chemical composition in the battery stopping the metamorphosis of producing highly charged electrons.

Tuning & calibration

Rule number one – you cannot tune or calibrate a car with a poor maintained battery!


It has amazed me that some under-performing cars have come to my workshop running so poorly with excessive knocking only to have a flat battery.

Car Battery Mechanic

Click here for a video on how to test your battery.

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 I hope this has helped.

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