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Pre-Holiday Vehicle Safety Inspection

The holidays are nearly here – time to relax, be with the family, or maybe you are planning to go for a long drive interstate.

Well first of all, let’s get the car right and checked – so here is a pre-holiday vehicle safety inspection list of priorities to focus on.

  1. First let`s start from ground up- Tyres, good quality tyres are a must, good even tread. If you have uneven tread wear then there is a possible problem with steering or suspension components- your tyres are the foot print of the car similar to are pair of shoes. Also tyres pressure correctly inflated is just as important- I have probably seen more tyre wear due to under or over inflation than through suspension faults.
  2. Steering, Suspension & Brakes- I have listed all three as the same level as importance.- Brake components should be checked by a professional- brake pads, even brake wear, adjustment of handbrake and any hydraulic leaks, brake hose cracks, also your brake fluid concentration should be tested for hydroscopic moisture. Steering components like Rack & Pinion, tie rod ends should be checked for wear and for any power steer oil leaks, Suspension components like ball joints, control arm bushes, shock absorbers for any oil leaks – remember the shock absorber keeps the car from bouncing around other components like sway bar components are important.
  3. Australia is over 85% desert, a harsh country so your cooling system has got to be able to handle the heat. If your car is over 10 years old I strongly recommend a new radiator & hoses-let me repeat that- nah! I won`t, but the majority of radiators are made from moulded plastic and aluminium or as the Americans say- alooominum. All heater, radiator hoses should be checked that there not bloated or swollen and could possibly blow in the middle of woop woop! And as with brake fluid-I strongly recommend testing you coolant concentration last and not least check the water pump.
  4. THE BATTERY- if your battery is three years old or over and your going for a long drive- GET A NEW QUALITY ONE, never ever ever be cheap with a battery, get the best one you can afford. Also check drive belts and get your charge rate checked-like in the photo.
  5. Lubrication- oil. If your vehicle has a turbo- use nothing but full synthetic oil, get the best oil you can afford, a quality oil filter either genuine or Ryco- never use cheap filters whether its oil, air or fuel filters- use only the best. Ensure your transmission/gear box oils are in good condition ,the same with differential oil.
  6. LIGHTING – check that all your lights work. Especially brake lights- this is true but I once had a car that would not run because the brake lights were blown true story! Make sure the headlights are focused and your high beams do not blind the poor bugger coming the other way, interior light, hazard, number plate lights, check air condition is working before you go on your trip.
  7. TUNING AND EMISSIONS – ensure that the vehicle is tuned and running efficiently, get a proper & thorough scan- get fuel trims checked, oxygen / air fuel ratios are working- even get the vehicle over a dyno and check all loads never ever ever go for a long drive when you have a engine, emission, abs, air bag or any other light on- just don`t do it – GET IT FIXED FIRST !
  8. Lastly – join the RACQ – Their towing service is excellent- (Their diagnostic skills are so/so) the towing alone is worth the joining fee or If you need a tow call my mate Chris from All Kind Towing-0452492869

Pre-Holiday Vehicle Safety Inspection

This is virtually what we do when we perform a proper service.

Please note – never ever ever get a cheap service done through gimmicks or Gurus, this booking agency( South African, Youi insurance) is screwing local mechanics by making mechanical businesses chop there prices-then taking 30% of the fee sending it straight to South Africa. You and your car are worth so much more.

Get the best and be safe.

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