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The Dangers of Cheap Car Servicing

In our latest blog, we talk about the dangers of cheap car servicing. Keep reading below to become educated in wanting the best for your machine.

Running a business is very tough & difficult especially during the COVID-19 pandemic businesses trying to get work resort to gimmicks & marketing companies to try to get themselves work.

If you do not care about your car then go onto the marketing website & click onto the loser businesses that cannot market their own business.

First let me say this:

“Nobody of Business does something for nothing. There is always a catch!”

To use a shady shop a docket from a supermarket receipt & expect that service to only be the price that was originally advertised is naive at best!

When customers insist on cheap servicing or try to screw businesses down to pay less or supply their own parts, but want high quality work are delusional fools & personally I do not want them as customers.

This type of customer just mentioned, does not really respect or understand the complexity of cars. 

The dangers of Cheap Car Servicing

Since 2006 cars have become very complex.  components are more precisely manufactured & machined with finer tolerances they rely on quality well filtrated lubrication (Variable Camshaft system is an example).

Quality synthetic oil is expensive- this is no gimmick & quality oil filters is a absolute must. I cringe at the crap filtration components my opposition use- cheap crap- I recently had a shady salesman trying to tell me how much profit I can make using his no brand filters- he was abruptly exited out of my business with my a steel cap  boot strategically positioned at his google one star.

Air filters- The use of cheap rubbish air filters is like letting sandpaper- wear away your engine.

Fuel filters –The use of cheap fuel filters allow moisture & algae to block fuel injectors- this is critical with diesel.

Marketing Companies

Marketing companies are similar to car/life insurance & travel accommodation companies- they use the same format- cheap, save you money is their selling point- while slugging the loser business with a percentage. The other issue is that take all your vital information & get paid by the loser workshops & yet do not do any of the work! pretty smart heh!

Cheap Car Servicing

Cheap servicing at a shady mechanical workshop is desperation at best. The shop a docket should be a record of what you bought at the supermarket or used as toilet paper.

It is ironic that businesses that use shop a dockets get so many bad reviews. Hey people what do you expect, something for nothing? 

Cheap servicing is just a front so that the business can upsell you on other components to try & make up for the loss of the initial service . All while using the cheapest rubbish oil & filtration components.

Yet the most vital running components which actually propel the vehicle is lubricated with inferior components. This is stupidity at best.

What makes Manny`s Mechanical Repairs different?

  1. We like to help people.
  2. We love making cars go better.
  3. We use the best oil, The best filtration components.
  4. We use the best Diagnostic/Tuning/ Emission equipment
  5. We continually learn& grow- develop- better skills-THIS NEVER STOPS!
  6. By continuous disciplined servicing we ensure you get the best market value for your vehicle making your ride a profitable asset not a unroadworthy liability.
  7. Probably the most important point is my customers are friends- not customers,

Why you ask? Because we all share the same passion which is getting the best results for your car!

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We have the latest diagnostic equipment and my work van is fitted out with an industrial air compressor. This enables me to perform heavy duty work and give you – the customer – the best service at any place and at any time.

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