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Capped Price Servicing – What is the Truth?

In my last blog, I talked about CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT, how skills and an ongoing desire to be better is essential for better customer service without the gimmicks.. Which brings me to CAPPED PRICE SERVICE .

Capped Price Servicing was introduced by major car dealerships to try and reverse the poor customer retention rate which car dealerships created themselves through sky high servicing costs and poor customer service.

Car dealerships do not make money selling new cars, their source of positive cash flow comes from spare parts, selling useless extended insurance and warranties (read the fine print), trade in cars (traded in at low price and sold high) and of course car servicing.

The truth is quality new cars do not need much service upkeep in their first 3-5 years or 50,000km which aligns with the dealership service plan. In other words they are only stating the obvious.

So what is the catch?

There has to be a catch right?

Car dealerships and franchises work on volume, while the profit margin is quite small, but because they do so many of these low skilled services (that’s how they make their profit) consequently brings a low skill technician. (I recently had one of these moron technicians working for me and let’s just say Hasta la vista BABY!)

The catch is cars are an ongoing load bearing rotating piece of a machinery. Anything that rotates on a car can and will wear. I WILL REPEAT THAT -ANYTHING ON A CAR THAT ROTATES CAN AND WILL WEAR. Tyres, fanbelts brakes, suspension, internal engine components, water pumps unless you park your car in a garage and let it sit there is the only way you can avoid wear and tear.

Pricing though important should not be the main focus to the diligent car owner. Now with turbos, direct injection and variable camshafts, it is critical to have the best oil, best tyres, the best quality filters. A dirty air filter can affect your ca’s performance, engine wear and fuel economy and yet is perhaps one of the most overlooked service component.

To the serious car owner your car should be looked at as a investment, no different to your home.

Your car is a vital piece of equipment, especially when it comes to picking up children from school, family and work commitments. Invest in your car. Do not  be swayed by capped pricing only to be  slugged like a wounded bull  when your service schedule is over or when your car is due for tyres and brakes.

Yes pricing is important, but a good quality technician who knows your car personally, has track records, works to a system and is totally open and transparent while using the best parts and has the best equipment WHICH HE USES ensuring motoring piece of mind.

– Manny, 0411 496 621
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