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What is the difference between a car service & a safety certificate?

There is a lot of confusion & a lack of understanding what is the difference between a car service & a Safety inspection or a Certificate of Inspection. If you keep reading this blog you might be quite surprised..

First of all I will try to give a brief descrition to give you a better understanding of the differences, So Here we go..,

Safety certificate

A Safety Ceritificate is a Inspection carried out by a QUALIFIED SAFETY INSPECTION EXAMINER- In other words A Examiner has had to undergo a stringent Test by Department of Transport to Qualify to perform examinations & write certificates especially when there is a change of ownership,change /Interstate/ or the vehicle Being sold.

Certificate of Inspection

Certificate of inspection is a periodic inspection very similar to a safety certificate this mainly conducted for ride share vehicles such as UBER

Please note A Mechanic is NOT automatically qualified to conduct a safety certificate-UNLESS HE PASSES A PROPER QUALIFING TEST (MENTIONED EARLIER.)

Log Book Service

A Log-book( which is generally in the glovebox) is a Periodic schedule of interval servicing & up keep procedures- in other words The log book instructs the mechanic what to do at what time frame or mileage- and here is the kicker- The person conducting the service DOES NOT HAVE TO BE QUALIFIED MECHANIC TO BE PERFORM THE SERVICE THIS IS A FACT- Providing they follow the schedule on the logbook (you hope!) & this happens in Dealerships. Please note just because your car has had a Logbook service DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFY FOR A SAFETY CERTIFICATE!.

Car service

Generally A car service is a routine service very similar to the logbook service without the logbook- when you casually book your car for a service you are at the Mercy of the business on who conducts the service- If you go to a tyre or muffler shop you will often get the Shit-kicker working on your car- there is no standards & foolisly the consumer believes all mechanics work to the same level- THEY DO NOT!

Summary & Conclusion

Not all Mechanics are the same- Far from it..,

I have seen people advertise that they are qualified but have never worked on a car.


Make sense out of that!-

But a Safety Certificate is a different story.

You must have credentials & pass a Examiner`s Test.

So you reading this blog- do you want a unqualified labourer working on your  Car or Maybe your Daughter or Son`s Car doesn`t you & your family deserve better?

As a consumer A parent you should demand to see the credentials on who is working on your car-

If they will not show you the credentials go to another workshop that can!.

I have spent 40 years in Mechanics, spent thousands of dollars in tools, diagnostic & measuring equipment, training,courses endless hours researching  solutions to problems developing diagnostic techniques.

This is called commitment- not a job & only a small percentage of Mechanics/Technicians are truly commited to the trade

 And yet the uneducated consumer thinks we are all the same,

 That all mechanics come from the same mould!.

This blog  I have explained the difference between a safety certificate & service also that not all mechanics are the same or work at the same standards- because at some workshops, THERE IS NO STANDARDS- just money hungry sharks!.

You can always tell a shark- “Their she will be right” attitude is  a dead give away

– Do your research & do not let a idiot work on your car!

Demand to see credentials, Trade tickets

 Ask this question when you pick up your car from  a service workshop..,


I hope you now have a little MORE knowledge from this blog..,