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How to Find a Good Mechanic

Are you struggling to find a good mechanic? This blog tells you the important information you need to know on how to find a good mechanic that suits your Automotive needs.

Cars have become complex computerised, self learning  complicated electronic machinery. They take skill & expensive machinery to maintain & service.

First step is to get rid of the image of the greasy pot-bellied unshaven bogan in overalls with the filthy greasy rag hanging out of his pocket. That image should have been killed off in the nineties & yet its ironic how many times I speak to  people who have this concept & in turn do not become my customers.

The Automotice Doctors

Mechanics are the Automotive industry doctors.

Automotive Problems are complex & can be very expensive so they need a correct procedure & correct diagnostic techniques to isolate a problem.

It is so frustrating when customers want immediate solution & price over the phone for a complex problem without or for- going a correct diagnostic process.

Characteristics of a Good Mechanic

  • A good mechanic enjoys fixing problems.
  • A good mechanic uses a process to isolate the problem.
  • A good mechanic uses attained facts, logic & can back up his theory.
  • A good mechanic does not guess what is wrong!.
  • A good mechanic invests in the very best equipment.
  • A good mechanic uses the very best parts
  • A good mechanic continues to do the latest courses, study develop new techniques.
  • A good mechanic knows how to market his own business & refuses to use Marketing companies because he believes & is strong enough to market his own brand & his/her own business!
  • A good mechanic does not have to use cheap service specials, gimmicks ,shop a dockets or raffle bicycles in lieu of reviews.
  • A good mechanic has honest unfiltered google reviews.(even negative ones)
  • A good mechanic likes to explain so you can learn about your car.
  • A good mechanic loves his job.
  • A good mechanic has a huge tool cabinet of every tool you can imagine.
  • A good mechanic likes to teach.
  • A good mechanic has always got a project going on.
  • A good mechanic has a mission statement.
  • A good mechanic has a brand & logo, something other than a friggan spanner!
  • A good mechanic knows his/her limitations & calls on other people/businesses for help.
  • A good mechanic is committed to his trade for the long haul.
  • A good mechanic drives a 300hp+ v8-(ok maybe just a little bit of boganism)
  • A good mechanic never stops learning.
  • A good mechanic never brags
  • A good mechanic likes to help people.

How to find a good Mechanic

Whether you use my business or not here is what to look for.

Anyone who loves what they do wants to put back into the community. Trying to find some one you can trust & depend on is scary & takes a leap of faith.

Please do not blindly go onto marketing cheap sites, instead read.

Invest a bit of time learning about your car and be wary of reviews. Look deep in these reviews as the saying goes a little knowledge is power!

I hope this has helped.

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