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How To Add Value To Your Car

Cars are notorious for depreciating in monetary value when purchased from brand new and you may be thinking how to add back that value to your car.

A well maintained car can give you enjoyment & top money back when you eventually want to sell the car.

The best value for money purchase is a car that is say two years old which has been traded back to the dealership- you can buy a relative new car with a extended warranty-saving at least 30% in depreciation.

The Need or Market

First let me say this nobody wants to pay money for a “SHIT BOX” to think you can sell a car that requires maintenance & still get top dollar is delusional.

There is a huge demand for good reliable modest fair price cars, Parents are looking to give their children good cars to go to University, to the Coast or to drive back up to say Townsville & see safely. You need A car that can withstand Australia`s heat & harsh roads- (we have a vast country which is ¾ the size of America.)

The Log-Book is The Bible of the Car- it keeps a track record or documentation of where & when the car has been serviced, I cannot stress enough to keep this booklet updated.

Go to your glove-box look for it & find it, if its missing find it or quickly get another one from the dealership- if your vehicle is say 12 years old get one from a spare parts dealer & keep a track record of maintenance, service, repairs, Tangible evidence of the upkeep of the vehicle.

Apart from a proper & thorough safety certificate the  well maintained & filled out log book will  be vital to sell your car at a good price- the price you paid for repairs to maintain your vehicle-(which we all have to do) can be easily incorporated in the selling price & that is fair as I said before nobody wants to spend money on a “Shit box”, Nobody wants to spend money for the up keep of a car which they have just bought.


Faded paint & dents are a killer to the price of selling a car, even if the car goes great- the paint & dent will hold the price down. Keep on top of body & paint scratch or dent can turn to two, Avoid compounding & fix asap. Try and park your car indoors at night- scratches especially on bumpers should be fixed immediately,


Use the best oil, best parts, Buy the best tyres you can afford do not go cheap on servicing- Look at your car as a ongoing investment, NOT A LIBALITY!

Advantages a Used Car has over a New Car

The biggest advantage a good used car has over a new car is that it has proven itself over a test of time consistently, This is a major selling point, New cars do break down (trust me on this) & if you think they do not then go to any manufacture recall section- example is the Takata Air-Bag recall in fact many manufacturers have been sued for poor performing unreliable cars.

How to Add Value to a Car

By keeping your car well maintained. Well documented, tangible evidence of repairs you have given yourself leverage to set a good price, your car is a excellent buy & you can negotiate because your product is good ,it is exactly what people want & they want to pay for a good product. Trust me when I say nobody wants to pay for a “Shit box.”

Note- You can add value to your car with Rims, Exhaust & go fast bits but keeping your car safe & reliable is actually “good will” & worth the money, This is what gives a Potential buyer reassurance & excellent value.

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