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Why You Must Keep Your Car in Safety Certificate Standards

Car accidents takes an average of 300 lives a year on Queensland roads alone (Nationally around 1200 lives are lost) and that’s why you must keep your car in Safety Certificate standards at all times.

If you use the 80/20 Pareto principal this then turns to average of 1150 serious accidents on Queensland roads per year.

To think this cannot happen to you is naïve at best!

Car Accident Investigation Team

A car accident where there is a serious injury or worse will call in a Accident Investigation Team who use facts & logic of some 1000 or more points to find out the exact cause of the accident.

Generally, this is divided in categories of –

  • Driving characteristic or error
  • Environmental – Bad roads, poor visible signage
  • Mechanical defects

The investigation provides accurate Data which is passed to Local, State or Federal Governments, The Police, The Department of Transport & Insurance Companies.

Car Safety Certificates

As the driver you are responsible for the way you drive & for keeping your car in safe standards without faults.

If by chance a mechanical fault is the contributor or cause of the accident, then the insurance company may not give you a pay out for your policy.

Simply go into any Car Insurance Company & read their Terms & conditions.

“How do I know if my car is in Road worthy or Safety Certificate Standards?”

Good question.

The Answer is you do not know unless you have a proper Safety Certificate Examination by a qualified Examiner.

“But I just had my car serviced it should be ok shouldn’t it?”

Should is a dangerous word because it`s not based on facts.

 Truth is a service is not a inspection its merely a routine of maintenance done at different levels depending on the skill (or lack there) of the service technician & how much you are willing to pay.

If you take car to a tyre shop or a muffler shop or get cheap shop a docket specials or use a cheap undercutting marketing website or worse use a cheap lazy mobile mechanic who is so lazy to jack up your car (the ‘she’ll be right mate’ attitude will not be good enough).

You are only deluding yourself & opening up yourself for serious consequences in the event of a accident.

Why You Must Keep Your Car in Safety Certificate Standards

As a car owner:

  • I would demand a thorough safety inspection on my car at every service with a written report & signature
  • I would demand to know who is working on my car?
  • I would demand to know what credentials has this technician.?
  • I would demand to know has the workshop the appropriate equipment & what quality parts are you using & are you using the correct oil.
  • I would get clear & concise information on what has or has not been done to my car written down in a clear legible manner with signature.
  • I would demand the best I can afford.

Manny`s mechanical repairs specialises in excellent thorough inspections with every service. We also record your emissions, computer scan every car, load test batteries, record battery charge & alternator output we thoroughly go over your car can also measure torque & horsepower!

When it comes to your car or that for your children who are driving – pay for the best, it may save your life!

My favourite saying is this:

‘If you cannot measure it, Then you cannot manage it!’

Only through Periodic systematic organised transparent checking can you be assured your car is safe.

Call Manny on 0411 496 621 today.

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