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Logbook Servicing Enoggera

Manny`s Mechanical Repairs specialises in Logbook Servicing Enoggera as our primary focal service.

  1. We are not a tyre shop that does mechanical
  2. We are not a muffler shop that does mechanical
  3. We are not a suspension shop that does mechanical

Log Book Servicing

Manny`s Mechanical Repairs specialises in Logbook Servicing in the Enoggera area.

We ensure that your vehicle meets the log book criteria and we  insure that your vehicle meets Safety Certificate Standards & beyond

We quote and consult on any upgrades in performance, braking, steering & suspension.

We service vehicles on Saturday Morning (by appointment).

We monitor Vehicle Emissions & advise on how to get better reliable power & better Fuel economy through our Excellent tuning & diagnostic equipment which is far beyond any competitor in Enoggera

Log Book Servicing Enoggera

For specialised Vehicle Logbook Servicing Enoggera – call Manny on 0411 496 621.

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At Manny’s Mechanical Repairs you are in good hands, our main services include, Safety CertificatesLogbook ServiceFree Pickup & Delivery, and Car Cooling System Repairs.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment and my work van is fitted out with an industrial air compressor. This enables me to perform heavy duty work and give you – the customer – the best service at any place and at any time.

For Bookings and enquiries, please contact us on 0411 496 621email us at or visit our site