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What is a car service?

What is a car service? What does a service do for my car ?

Car servicing is one of the most important aspects in the upkeep of your car and it is perhaps the most mis-understood.

Car servicing is really periodic maintenance and inspection of your vehicle,set by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

The car is built up of different systems- steering, brake, suspension, heater/airconditioning, powertrain (engine/gearbox) electrical ,cooling, differential.

All these have to be checked and sometimes tested/repaired at required intervals which is generally set in your manufacturers logbook .

hence the term ..a logbook service.., Where the confusion and general mis-understanding comes in is where the customer has a problem with the car and assumes a service will fix the problem !

There are many types of problems- which generally can be broken into two categorys hard fault or intermediate fault.

A hard fault is a problem that occurs all the time.., ie brakes grinding.generally these problems can be picked up by your mechanic,because they happen all the time it can be rectified or diagnosed pretty quickly.

The intermediate fault is the one that causes most of the anguish,this is the problem that causes so much frustration and money because many times the fault does not occur when the vehicle has its service time.

And this is a important note to the people reading this blog and that is that mechanics are only allowed a set amount of time to work on a car ,therefore to assist the mechanic ,have a written notes on what problems you have with the car ,write .. When ,where the fault occurs does the car hop,skip,jump,smell,is there a noise,a grind,a vibration and at what speed?.

Have as much information written down ,and also one other thing, when booking your car in,tell of these problems when booking in the car- there is nothing more infuriating and costly when there is a known fault with a car and it is not relayed to the mechanic before it is booked in .the other infuriating action –please make sure there is petrol in the car- there is nothing worse than going for a test drive only to run out of fuel.

To sum up servicing is a periodic maintenace to your vehicle.., logbook servicing does not sometimes fix the problems with your car..

To fix problems i recommend to give as much information to the mechanic and most importantly be prepared to be with out the car for a few days until it can be accurately diagnosed & fixed.

Neglect- perhaps one of the greatest crimes that have destroyed many car engines is simply neglect,here are some pictures of what can happen when the timing belt is not replaced periodically.

Regards Manny


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