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Shock absorbers –the forgotten component

Recently The TV show A CURRENT AFFAIR decided to nail the shonky Mechanics to add to their hard hitting repertoire of shonky builders, plasterers and pensioners getting ripped off by internet dating scams from Africa.

The vehicle in question was a Subaru Forrester which was thoroughly inspected by so called Experts and had done 100 000km.

Now first let me say.., That I recommend every one reading this blog to join the RACQ especially for the breakdown and towing service they provide-it is simply insurance for your car especially if you breakdown. Even as a experienced Mechanic I had my daughter join.

After a thorough inspection by these so called experts the vehicle was deemed to be in good working order and with the reporters with hidden microphones & cameras unleashed to capture the so called shonks or rip off artists.

And of course that captured a few idiots.. `But!` and the big but…, was this initial vehicle inspection truly accurate?.

Not once was the log book referred too and at 100 000km this vehicle Is required to have a timing belt to be replaced (and a strongly recommend) water pump add this with other 100 000km service requirements the bill would easily come to $1000

Now we come to the tricky part.., A lot of these Mechanical workshops recommended struts and Shock absorbers to be replaced.

A Mcpherson strut & shock absorber act similarly in that they minimize suspension spring oscillations, keeping the car stable but most importantly KEEP THE TYRE IN CONSTANT CONTACT WITH THE ROAD.- This is done by a cylinder of oil is passing through metering orifices minimizing & slowing up and down motion by the springs as the car and tyres go over bumps.

A vehicle can be failed during a safety certificate inspection when this oil leaks out externally from the shock absorber or opposite when the orifice is damaged causing the shock absorber not to do its job at all- The point I am making is that gradually deterioration of the shock absorber occurs , Though the component is working it is not working to its full capacity & a lot of these workshops quoted on replacing the shock absorbers which is around $600 to $1000

The car as mentioned was a Subaru Forester which is a constant 4wd and also has a very high roof height making the centre of gravity very high. Thus I believe a good set of mcpherson struts & shock absorbers would have been a good investment making the car

handle better and far more safer combined this cost with the service you would have a bill of $2000 which would have been a good investment in the constant upkeep of this car

And yet This TV show did not really give a full picture nor was the initial so called expert really accurate- I believe this show should really do their home work and focuss on what they do best- doing stories on gardeners ripping off pensioners

Regards Manny

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