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The process of buying and selling a car can be a very stressful time, especially when you do not have a clue. But there are correct procedures and steps to take when you know how.

Step 1. When selling a car your first step is to get a safety certificate/roadworthy. And this is where 80% of problems occur.

A safety certificate inspection is a focussed inspection at a set time and place by a qualified examiner at a qualified examiner site.

“Never, ever, ever assume!!” a car service is an inspection or that a safety inspection is a mere formality, or just a write out, or a mere 5 minute wait. The vehicle is professionally inspected in accordance to the Queensland Department of Transport standards and car braking efficiency is recorded.

Step 2. After obtaining the safety certificate, a blue sheet will also be given. This has the details of the examination and pass and is to be attached to the rear window of the car with the for sale sign.

Signs like “Interested?” are illegal.

A car can only be sold two ways. a) With a safety certificate b) Unregistered.

A registered vehicle cannot change hands/owners even as a gift unless a current safety certificate is issued with the vehicle.

Step 3. After the vehicle has been sold, an immediate bill of sale is to be drawn up. The time and date of the sale is to be written down with all details of the actual sale from both parties – buyer and seller (bill of sale forms can be downloaded).

Step 4. The next form to be filled is the transfer of registration form (this too can be downloaded from the Queensland Transport website) where identification is produced, generally driver’s licence. This too is to be filled by both the buyer and the seller, accompanied with the safety certificate and bill of sale… and that’s it.

Where the process gets complicated is when these steps are not followed – especially when a sale has somehow been made and the roadworthy inspection is done a the last moment, only to fail, requiring repair and cost that has not been budgeted for.

This comes down to not following a process or poor advice.

I hope this has helped.

– Manny, 0411 496 621
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