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If you are needing some car advice and consulting guidance Enoggera – look no further than Manny’s Mechanical Repairs.

Manny`s Mechanical Repairs mission statement is To Serve To Perform To Guide – Bringing automotive power to the people.

To serve, to perform and TO GUIDE

Manny would like to elaborate on a very important part of the mission statement:

That is To GUIDE.

Good advice & guidance is hard to get about cars, what you should or should not do, Do I spend the money or don`t I? Who do I turn too?

At my business – we do not just finish the repair or service and leave you there,

We like to build rapport & give our customers a “clear running track” of goals for the next 1-3 year goals possibly even 5 years.

Do I give the car to my kids? Do I keep the car or sell it- how much will I get & what is the right procedure to sell a car?

Turn your car into an Asset

The immediate goal is to turn your car into a asset – to do this.., the car needs to be paid off as quickly as possible – then the car needs good accurate quality recorded servicing & comply with safety certificate standards.

This is why I hate cheap servicing – jobs are only half done & consumers are driving around in unroadworthy cars. A unroad worthy car is a liability, dangerous & can get you in trouble with Police, Department of Transport Patrols or in the case of a accident, insurance liability & payout difficulty.

By working together you have a sense of control & worth about your car – knowledge is power.

Nothing saddens me more when young people eager to buy a car (impetuous), go (get into debt) and buy a 10 year old Audi or Mercedes Benz (WITH a useless warranty that I would only use for toilet paper! Which costs a extra $1000).

The car 140 000km on the clock, Everything looks good and goes well “UNTIL..,” until the transmission packs it in goes into limp mode & cannot be driven. The car is diagnosed and the transmission requires a complete rebuild. $5000- $10 000 to rebuild thank you very much!(& of course tge warranty clause that says wear and tear void warranty in minute microscopic writing).

Now the young person has double problems-debt money to buy the car & now a extra $10 000 to repair the car, Which way do they go? If they repair the transmission they still have a old car, sadly I have seen young people go bankrupt because of bad judgement or poor advice.

On the other hand some of my customers have actually sold their second hand cars for more than what they initially paid for – through diligent upkeep.

Car Advice and Consulting Enoggera

You get what you pay for – providing it’s based on good structured applicable advice.

Manny`s Mechanical Repairs cares about you, your family & we work together in a ongoing relationship to ensure you get value for money- good performance & economy but mostly.., confident enjoyment out of your car

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To Serve To Perform To Guide- Bringing Automotive power to the people

At Manny’s Mechanical Repairs you are in good hands, our main services include, Safety CertificatesLogbook ServiceFree Pickup & Delivery, and Car Cooling System Repairs.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment and my work van is fitted out with an industrial air compressor. This enables me to perform heavy duty work and give you – the customer – the best service at any place and at any time.

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