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Recently a very despondent friend of a good customer rang me about a severe engine knock he had in his 2013  Ford Ranger.  This vehicle had been to two other workshops & both condemned the engine he even got A quote of $15000 to replace the engine.

The ford Ranger was driven up to my workshop, which there was a terrible loud knock coming from the engine. The customer showed me the two invoices and a pico compression sheet verifying two cylinders low on compression. The customer even rang a Ford dealership who said ‘The engines go often on these cars’.

My mind went into overtime buzzing as it does.. Something was not right. How can a relatively new engine (5 years old) with a 180 000km which is not that high for a diesel, fail like that. The vehicle had been regularly serviced & not neglected, was it a fuel fault-running to lean or metal fatigue failure? We needed to know!

I asked Ricky my Head Mechanic to use the Snap on borescope to check out the failed cylinders.

Ricky removed the engine covers proceeded to remove the injectors when he stumbled on a diesel leak pictured above as he touched the injectors & noticed they had moved.

The securing plate held down by two bolts had come loose and this caused the injectors to pound up & down which then initiated engine knock also the diesel fuel line had vibrated loose.

Ricky tightened the bolts & the fuel line then started the engine-“ PRESTO.., FIX!” Ricky took the Ranger for a test drive & went like a dream.

There is a moral to this story…First find mechanics who have morals, Second DIAGNOSTICS MUST BE BASED ON FACTS- NOT ASSUMPTIONS OR HEARSAY BS!

We saved the customer $15000 engine replacement (not $150.00 or $1500 but $15000) because we went the extra mile.

Diagnostics must be based on cause & effect – What caused the problem? 

Sure we deal with the effect but going the extra mile to use a expensive borescope to verify the problem found us the solution- before we even had to remove any engine component.

Expensive equipment like this Snapon borescope is commitment to accurate diagnostics.

snap on borescope

When a mechanic who assumes or a friend of the family who gives their useless opinion , (better still the all macho alpha male boyfriend) about your car problems-please know that they are wrong 90% of the time.

A organized problem/diagnostic procedure with the best equipment, skills and A iron will to help people solve their car problems is what customers should be looking for-never assume

When you ASSUME  you make a arse out of you and me

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To serve to perform to guide. I hope this has helped.

– Manny

Ford Ranger

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