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Recently I was called by a concerned parent from New South Wales who had sold a car to her Son. The car was brought to Brisbane and had to have a safety certificate. The inspection was done at a competitor’s workshop and a failure was issued. The vehicle required $1,200 worth of repairs. The concerned parent was confused because their local mechanic had always serviced all their cars and HE SAID – THE CAR WAS OK… they trusted him… so who was telling the truth?

The vehicle was brought to my workshop and an inspection was performed and ‘YES!’ all faults were verified. My competitor did his job right and his quote was reasonable.

So where is the problem? The problem is with the old dinosaur/fart of a mechanic, THE GOOD BLOKE MECHANIC OR THE FRIEND OF THE FAMILY MECHANIC who has won over generations of family dynasties with his great bloke she will be right mate mannerisms – THESE MECHANICS SHOULD BE OUTLAWED and why? – simply one word… HUBRIS.

We live in a fast and complex world. Your car is more vital today than ever and your car is becoming more complex so reliability must be a high priority. No public transport, taxi or uber can take the place of a car when it comes to children and vital appointments which require to be met with in a set time.

A good technician/mechanic continually invests time in study and working to a system with a organized checklist. A good technician has the guts to invest money in the best diagnostic equipment $5,000- $40,000 a year whether he can afford it or not. A good technician analyses every car and ensures that it is up to safety certificate standard or gives a detailed report and quote what requires to be done. A good technician/mechanic FOCUSES ON SOLVING THE INITIAL CUSTOMER COMPLAINT and does not go for the easy upsells (easy money). Simply a good technician wants to be and is better every day, but most of all good technicians are committed and disciplined.

Just because a Dinosaur Mechanic says that he or she has 35 years of experience means absolutely nothing… what… 35 years of doing oil changes? Please retire.

Workshops that offer gimmicks, cheap heavily discounted services or have some other enticements are totally useless. The smooth talking service advisor who has not touched a spanner in 5 years is there only to sell and generally gives you a headache because they talk so much rubbish. These big mouths got out of the game because they are pretty boys that could not handle the hard work and discipline required to be good in their field.

The truth is nothing beats up to date hard earned skills, disciplines a systemised attitude of continual improvement and a genuine passion to be better educated for what they do and perform. Good technicians/mechanics are never satisfied because there is always a better way.

– Manny, 0411 496 621
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