The last 12 months I have had to deal with a increasing large number of angry & stressed out customers who have bought cars in` good faith’ only to their horror have had to deal with expensive repair issues which should not have passed a safety certificate examination in the first place.

The Real Situation and Problem

Unfortunately, there is a large percentage of the population who do not keep their vehicle properly maintained, in the other words they just “Drive the vehicle into the ground!” due to their lack of discipline or financial outgoings they then either trade the car in for a newer vehicle, give the vehicle to Auction companies or try to sell the car- HERE IS THE REAL PROBLEM- to sell a car you have two options

  • De-register the car & sell the car unregistered
  • Sell the car with a Safety Certificate

The safety certificate is the critical piece of the process, THE PROBLEM IS SAFETY CERTIFICATES ARE NOT CARRIED OUT PROPERLY, let me repeat that just in case you missed that SAFETY CERTIFICATES ARE NOT CARRIED OUT PROPERLY.

Why are safety certificates not carried out properly?

Answer- Lazy Mobile safety certificate businesses, lazy mechanics & pressure from ruthless car yard operators who press the buttons on gutless safety certificate examiners to pass cars on inspections.

Dealing with stressed angry bitter potential customers who have bought a under qualified car that requires repair is A psychosis art of Self- discipline because on many occasions the new owner has to pay for repairs that should have been paid by the previous owner.

Preparation & Planning

Buying a car can be stressful or fun depending on how much knowledge & research you have conducted.

 1st step is to know exactly which car you want – this the most important know this you must examine your lifestyle & whittle your choices no more than 3makes/models

2nd step, your budget- how much can you afford?

3rd step get the vehicle inspected by a mechanic of your own choice. Someone who is up to date with technology & has a feel for the market value- this person can give you valuable insights & negotiating power.

  • When buying a car- ALWAYS CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS, never ever get attached to a car without thorough examination first- there is always another car.
  • Be cautious of buying cars off friends or family.
  • Always pay for a Revs check to see if the car has been written off, stolen or finance still outstanding
  • Never ever go for a test drive in the rain- the water can muffle noises & annoying squeaks.
  • Check for logbooks-if no logbooks then go for the lowest price when negotiating.
  • Never buy a car with a engine light on any fault lights -walk away immediately. A warning light violates safety certificate standards, THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER CAR.
  • Immediately look who has done the safety certificate at what day, time & where- question the seller who he got to do the inspection & make the seller accountable.
  • Look at the person who is selling the car are they edgy, shifty, stressed do you feel they are hiding something. this is the most important point- look at the seller straight in the eye!
  • Do your research on the model car you are buying what is the market value.
  • Check for recalls or air bag recalls
  • Buy the right car for your needs- example do not buy a turbo diesel if you mainly drive to the city.
  • Go for a good test drive for at least ¾ -1 hour do a complete drive cycle- drive the vehicle constantly @ 70 then 80 to 100kmph for 15-20 minute intervals, check for suspension knocks, steering or brake shudder also a good drive will activate a faulty catalytic converter- this alone can cost you thousands undiagnosed.
  • If a car is cheap or going at a bargain price-you must ask the question “WHY?”
  • Bring your car to Manny`s mechanical repairs for a thorough inspection, we check electricals & emissions.


In ending this blog let me say this-

The biggest mistakes I see people make when buying a car is


Buying a car can be your 1st,2ndor 3rd biggest investment in your life.

In this blog I have given you a process- to identify potential problems with a car before you buy.

Do your research, be prepared & do not be afraid to take on the seller if they know there is a problem with the car they are trying to sell-

Make sure the seller has to deal & PAY FOR THE PROBLEM TO BE FIXED- NOT YOU!

& most importantly never ever trust a safety certificate inspection done by some one you do not know.

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I hope this has helped.

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