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This blog is about giving a bit of guidance & control to car owners.

While your car can give you enjoyment under constant use, it does need periodic maintenance. (Even Hybrids & Electric cars need constant maintenance).


This one is a biggie, your car should be looked at as an investment:

  • You want the best reliable parts fitted to your car.
  • You want to use the very best oil & lubrication & filtration components.
  • You want & should demand that your car be constantly in Safety Certificate standards at all times.

You see, with a little knowledge goes a long way, BUT only for those who are interested.

If you are trying to get the cheapest service possible or something for next to nothing (Then have a good look at the pretty young girl in the photo- would you like That to be your Daughter – This is what happens if you are cheap or use gimmick servicing)


Always make adequate time for servicing & more time if your car has a fault-(we offer courtesy cars). Thorough repairs can take time.


Some problems require to be replicated. This can take quite a while. Please remember that for the problem to be conquered- it must be exposed, the data has to be recorded- then a solution or repair be carried time.

There is no magic wand, accurate diagnostics take a logical approach until the goal is achieved. Please note a scanner diagnostic machine will not give you the solution to your problem, most of the time a scanner will give you the EFFECT not the CAUSE & in some cases the scanner will give you nothing- here it takes skill- This, my friend, takes years of experience & this I have earned.

Please note, if you have a problem with the running of your car, do not assume a service will automatically fix your problem.

This brings us to a sticky point on who you use.

I would only use: 

  •  A Tyre shop for tyres,
  • A Muffler shop for Mufflers

I would only use a highly specialised well-equipped experienced diagnostic/tuning shop for the running of my car. I would not cross the genres thinking a tyre shop can fix a tune issue.

Generally these workshops do not spend the money on the right equipment to diagnose – their point of sale is to only sell tyres first or mufflers.

Avoid Saturday Morning Repairs

Except for tyres & Mufflers,

Do not make the excuse you have not got the time. Your car is worth it. Make the time through the week.

Here is why you should avoid Saturday Repairs:

Most Mechanics who work on Saturdays have already worked a 40-hour week. They are tired and fatigued. Also spare parts from dealerships are either closed nor deliver, so what does this mean? A recipe for problems, shoddy workmanship & a rushed job.

Is that what you want?


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Have petrol in your car!

Budgeting Money

  • 0-7year old cars under 100,000 km: I would budget $25-$30 a week. The biggest out lay should be tyres & brakes around every 25,000 km to every 40,000 km this is what Franchise/ Dealership capped price service focus on Churn `em out take the money & run.
  • 8-12year old cars 100,000 km & over :With these cars I would budget around $50- $75 a Week – providing all the maintenance up to this point has been done. Here we start seeing issues & far more expensive maintenance, e.g. Spark plugs that require intake manifolds to be removed, timing belts, water pumps, In-tank fuel filters & fuel pumps. It’s here I would recommend a new radiator & coolant hoses. Strongly recommend fuel injectors to be removed & serviced.
  • 13 years & over ($75-$125 + a week): At this stage problems can occur such as Engine repairs, burnt out clutches, failed transmissions, axle bearings- repairs to automatic transmission can be very high- expensive items such as Electrical issues, catalytic converters & diesel particulate filters can cost many thousands of dollars which can make the car not worth the repair.


Please do not hold me to exact time or costing on what I have written, this is only a generic broad spectrum. Different models & different makes have their own characteristics & costing but this is a general costing & also to prepare- do a little research- look at websites, Facebook, Instagram. Get some idea who you are going to deal with & are they capable & have the adequate skills to look after you & fix your car to be running in tip-top condition.

So there you have it- Attitude, Time, Time & problems, Saturday Morning Repairs, Budgeting Money for different aged cars not bad eh!.

Oh, avoid gimmicks, cost-cutting specials- you get what you pay for fixing cars is a life- long discipline there are no shortcuts.

I hope this has helped,

Keep Safe – Manny

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