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Petrol or Turbo Diesel – Which Engine is Better or Do I Buy?

In recent years engine management technology (engine computers) have made incredible performance development in both turbo diesel and petrol engines. “So what’s the difference or which one do I buy?” you might ask. 

Petrol and diesel fuels have different molecular density. Petrol and diesel produce power through different applications of combustion process. Torque is turning force, horse power is the speed of the turning force. 

Turbo Diesel Advantages 

Excellent fuel economy; excellent low down torque; robust; excellent carrying or towing trailers, boats and caravans; great for long trips; 4WD up sand dunes; great fro going through creeks.  

Petrol Advantages

Smoother operation; less emission and far better emission control; better for small trips; cheaper servicing cost; engine can reach higher revolutions quicker hence more horse power; more responsive. 

When thinking of buying your next car or 4WD write down what type of usage you need from your vehicle. If it’s small trips, occasional trip to the coast, or mainly to pick up the kids from school, then petrol is the go. If you do a lot of heavy duty work or towing, go up big sand dunes or up the Toowoomba range, then turbo diesel is the way to go. 

Manny’s Mechanical Repairs services both petrol and turbo diesel engines. We provide a full detail safety report and give the customer a full comprehension and understanding in the condition of their vehicles. 

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