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Turbo Tuning and Repairs Brisbane

Are you looking for Turbo Tuning and Repairs Brisbane? 

Manny’s Mechanical Repairs are Brisbane’s finest Mechanical Repairers for Turbo Tuning and Repairs.

If you are looking for Turbo Tuning and Repairs call Manny on 0411 496 621 and book a service in.

What is a Turbo?

Turbo is short for a TURBO-CHARGER , A turbo charger is effectively a air pump driven by exhaust pulses from a car engines exhaust manifold, the exhaust gases spins a turbine wheel which is joined by a shaft to  a compressor wheel- the compressor wheel pumps compressed air to the engine intake-via a intercooler this compressed air enters the engine intake under a boost state which creates a denser group of air molecules to enter the engine, combined with the right amount  fuel in the engine combustion chamber, resulting in a bigger combustion event-creating more power.

Why are there so many turbo vehicles?

In a nutshell smaller engines create less emissions & are cheaper to make, combined with a turbo a small engine can make big power under load- hence the benefit of a small car features with extra power when needed. Diesels have increased power and fuel economy with advance technology in diesel fuel delivery & turbo chargers achieving incredible mileage with every tank of fuel.

Turbo Maintenance

Vehicle with turbo-chargers should be maintained more often than normally aspirated engines.

  1. Recommend good quality FULL synthetic oil to be used (0W-30)
  2. Service intervals should be every 6000km-8000km NOT 15000KM ( Far too long)  as recommended by some manufactures
  3. Correct heat range spark plugs, good quality air, fuel & oil filters must be used
  4. For Diesels recommend fuel filter with every service.

Manny`s Mechanical Repairs- Services ,Tunes, Diagnose & Repairs high performance Petrol turbo & Diesel turbo engines.

We rectify intercooler leaks, cracks, monitor engine performance using our Dyno machine-measure emissions, measure, monitor boost operation & waste gate & variable vane operation.

Turbo Tuning and Repairs Brisbane

Pictured below is a 2016 4 cylinder ECOBOOST MUSTANG on our dyno.

This Mustang is pushing 230 horsepower from a 4 cylinder tubocharged(direct injected) engine – compare that to a normal aspirated engine of 80-100 horsepower this is how much difference a well designed turbo can make.

ecoboost mustang

I hope this has helped – Manny 0411 496 621

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We have the latest diagnostic equipment and my work van is fitted out with an industrial air compressor. This enables me to perform heavy duty work and give you – the customer – the best service at any place and at any time.

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