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What is Timing Belt?

Have you ever wondered what a Timing Belt is? 

Engine breathing & more important air flow is the heart & soul of good performance of a internal combustion engine.

How a Timing Belt works

I have selected 3 pictures to try to capture the job of a timing belt. The quintessential word here is “TIME”.

A brief run down:

In a nutshell the engine is a air pump with a piston moving up & down. The down speed of the piston causes a negative pressure (vacuum) and air enters the chamber via a intake valve (this can be through one or two valves) –  Induction Stroke.

The intake valve closes at a precise time, when the piston moves up it compresses the air & injected fuel (compression stroke) and the spark plug fires, causing a combustion process resulting in a flame front & high pressure. The combustion pressure forces the piston down at a precise time sending torque down the crankshaft turning linear force into rotating torque (power stroke).

As the pistons ends the downward travel, the exhaust valve opens at a precise time. The piston then moves back up pushing exhaust gases out the exhaust valve (exhaust stroke).

Why Do I have to Replace the Timing Belt

Timing is the issue & it has to be precise. To open & close valves at the precise time in relation to piston position, this requires a timing belt. These timing belts are due to be replaced approximately every ten years or at 60 000km – 100 000km. Some makes have different time intervals, so please refer to your repair manual for the exact times.

Stretched timing belts can throw the whole series of engine stroke events totally out of sync with the valve events, resulting in poor performance, poor fuel economy even possible engine failure!

Why so expensive to replace?

Replacing timing belts should also incorporate replacing the water pump. Some vehicles may require the engine to be removed from the car to replace the timing belt.

Many manufactures require special holding and locking tools to hold engine components in the exact position to install the belts. This can be very expensive just to get the right tools to do the job.

What is a Timing Belt?

Manny`s Mechanical repairs specialises in engine Tuning & excellent fuel economy, replacing timing belts, water pumps & timing chains. We ensure your vehicle is up to date & have the equipment to measure good fuel economy & power. Replacing timing belts is critical & should not be avoided costing can be around $1000.00 including labour(approx.), but that is better than losing your engine due to hubris or neglect.

I hope this has helped.

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