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Car Noises and Vibrations Brisbane

Are you experiencing weird Car Noises and Vibrations Brisbane but not sure what might be causing it?

Read below some things you could be experiencing in your car and what you can do to fix it.

In the last few weeks I have had a number of customers who have had obvious problems with their cars- but have ignored vital signs because of their busy hectic lives, one case we just had a customer actually lost complete brake hydraulics in his front brakes- luckily he did not hurt himself or any one else.

The problem on hand is that if you choose to ignore these noises/signs then you actually become a customized to their frequency and the brain thinks this is normal-when in actual fact it’s a prelude of worse things to come.

Car – KNOCKS (Engine or suspension)

Knocking is the bad one- knocking/tapping-engine or suspension means metal on metal at a frequency it can mean poor or no lubrication, broken components, or component failure I have had cases where this has been ignored resulting in total engine seizure. (Worn ball joints, sway bar mounts, broken springs)-recommend not to drive and get towed to your work shop.


The two most common components that grind are brake component failure or a bearing roller failure-this could be wheel bearings, drive or tail- shaft bearing anything that has a bearing in it, Brake pads or brake linings can wear away to metal on metal surfaces, if you detect grinding I recommend getting the vehicle towed to your workshop


Squeals can be manmade warning signs warning you that your brakes are worn low, squeals can be caused by dust particles between two surfaces or lack of lubrication in a bearing, dry ball joints, cracked or hard fan belts, squealing is a sign of worse things to come- so do not hope the noise will go away-just get it check out as soon as possible.


Thumps are generally a suspension failure or a broken engine or gearbox mounts, thumping of a shock absorber is common when the internal shock valve or rod is damaged & has lost it hydraulic oil. Thumping may even be a out of round or scalloped tyre,-again if you detect a thump get it check out immediately.


This one is not a noise but still very common, the main culprits of steering shudder is 1-out of round tyres or a tyre with a impact fracture, these tyres have been distorted and have lost their symmetrical shape. Another cause for steering shudder is distorted brake disc rotors-the distorted brake rotor pulses the brake pads back and forward as the brakes are applied. Also brake pulsating pedal can also be distorted rear brake rotors or a faulty wheel bearing.

Car Noises and Vibrations

There are numerous noises & vibrations which can happen in a car, there are many more for I have nominated the most common, remember if a noise or vibration begins do not endure with the issue hoping it will go away- nip it in the bud early for it will save you a lot of cash & make your car safer.

I hope this has helped – Manny 0411 496 621

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