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Emission Testing North Brisbane

2020 has started with ridiculous heat, a national drought & terrible bushfires in Victoria, New South Wales & parts of South Australia. 

Not a good time to take a holiday in Hawaii..

Due to these events that have just mentioned, here at Mannys Mechanical Repairs, we have decided to lead the charge with implementing emission testing North Brisbane.

This testing will happen on all vehicles when serviced & repaired and on safety certificate inspections.

Vehicle Emission Testing

We have just upgraded on a new Gas Analyser to measure vehicle emissions on Petrol, Diesel, LPG & Natural Gas-

We can supply a print out on the state of your vehicle emissions at idle (sitting in traffic) & at 3000 rpm (cruise modes).

CO: Carbon Monoxide

The combusted dangerous gas that can kill in high concentrations. The lower the reading the better generally we are looking less than .5% with a good catalytic converter this can be down to 0%

HC: Hydrocarbons

is the unburnt fuel- left in the combustion process- This is a major polluter & effects the ozone layer. Hydrocarbons are measured in parts per million (ppm) the lower the better!

Co2: Carbon dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is a result of the combustion process- the higher the percentage the better combustion process which means the engine is running efficiently- still high levels of carbon dioxide cause Green house effect – possible global warming

O2: Oxygen

is measured- excess level of oxygen means there is a possible exhaust leakage which can effect emission readings or a engine fault. Though the gas analyser is a balance system- if there is a abnormal reading it will show irregular readings on the other settings.

NOx: Nitrogen oxide

This one is the bad one- a mixture of nitrogen & oxygen added with fuel hydrocarbons(Diesel)  Nox is released under extreme combustion heat- To combat this manufactures add a EGR- Exhaust gas recirculation system to cool & lower NOx .

 NOx gases causes Acid rain & Asthma.

Lambda & Air/Fuel Ratio

The ideal air/fuel Ratio for petrol is 14.7:1, Diesels can range from 14.5 :1 to  20 :1 That is 20 air molecules to 1 fuel molecule. lambda is a nominated reading by the engine software calibrator but generally a lambda of 1 is 14.7 :1 reference

Emission Testing North Brisbane

By reading the above, you can be assured we take our work seriously.

Global Warming is serious stuff and we can do our part to ensure vehicles are properly serviced, tuned & keep the polluters off the road.

 Manny`s Mechanical Repairs is leading the way!


Let’s make Greta happy!

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