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Car Warning Lights 2018

Engine Oil Pressure Light

Engine oil pressure

Engine oil pressure light is the most critical of all warning lights. Without critical oil pressure- your engine will seize.

When this light appears- immediately shut your engine down & get the vehicle towed to your mechanical workshop.

Out of all data racing car drivers use-the oil pressure gauge Is The most important.

Air Bag Light

air bag light

The air bag light is the most critical for your safety-this light has been ignored by so many careless owner drivers-this light means your AIR BAG WILL NOT DEPLOY IN CASE OF A ACCIDENT-this may lead to serious injury or even death.


Engine Light

engine light

The engine light on is another commonly forgotten light. This deals with engine performance & emissions.

Vehicles/ engines are being tuned with minimum emissions which rely on sensors which are positioned all over the engine this in turn measures air, fuel, electrical, spark and exhaust emissions.

When this light is on there is a fault relating to emissions this will again fail to comply with safety certificate standards making your vehicle-unroadworthy.

ABS & Traction Control Lights

ABS and Traction Control Lights

ABS & Traction control lights are another common neglected or overlooked lights on the dash.

ABS means anti-lock braking systems. When this light appears your brakes can lock up. Brakes that can lock up can cause your tyres to lose traction & go into a skid when the vehicle is skidding there is absolute no control in slowing down of the vehicle this is multiplied in wet or ice road surfaces.

The Traction Control measures differences in wheel speed and compares every speed sensor data to the other, if one side of the car wheels are rotating faster than the other side- the traction control computer will apply braking or cut engine rpm so one side can even up the wheel speeds.

This is so handy in high powered vehicle when cornering in the wet. This actually stops the car from going into a uncontrolled spin. Once again if this light is on your vehicle will not comply with safety standards.

The Glow Plug Warning

glow plug warning

The glow plug warning can be deceiving- the spiral represents a glow heating plug on diesel cars, suv , but also on some cars like Volkswagens.., it can be a emission light problem.

Glow plugs preheat air-making it easier for combustion. As with all heating elements in say glow plug or oxygen pre-heating sensors- heating elements burn out & burn out often.

Diesel Particular Filter Lights

fliter lights

Diesel particular filter lights are becoming more & more common. The by-product of diesel is soot-this soot is filtered in the exhaust system and the burnt off in a process called regeneration.

If this light comes on then the vehicle must be brought in for a comprehensive service & a on-demand regeneration because of accumulated blockage. There are cases where this has been ignored and the particular filter has been blocked beyond repairs resulting in thousands of dollars.

HERE @ Manny`s Mechanical Repairs we continually deal & repair engine oil light issues, Diagnose & repair abs, traction control faults, Diagnose & repair tuning emission faults. Perform full comprehensive diesel diagnostics & regenerations.


A vehicle that is well regular maintained & kept in safety certificate standards is a reliable valuable asset –

Mannys Mechanical repairs service, diagnose & repair all warning lights mentioned above keeping your vehicle in the highest ,valuable& safe level.

Do not ignore any of these warning lights, be safe

– Manny

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