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Tyres – The Critical Components of Car Performance & Safety

The tyre is probably the most important component of the modern car, which requires constant inspection and reviewing.

The tyre has the most important job of transferring driver demands to the road. The tyre’s ability to grip have a direct relationship to braking and handling of your car’s performance.

Major tyre companies spend millions of dollars in research and development to produce tyres to handle various conditions.

Before you buy your next set of tyres, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Do I only do highway driving?
  2. Do I drive over dirt roads in the country?
  3. Do I go off road driving in rugged terrain?
  4. Do I drive up mountainous country where it rains a lot?

The life span of a tyre can vary from 25,000KM-75,000KM, all depending on driving characteristics and the condition of your car’s steering and suspension.

To this day a tyre company has not been able to design a tyre that can handle wet conditions and give you excellent mileage. The reason is that different tyres require different rubber compound for different conditions. That is why in motor racing cars hurriedly come into the pits (and change tyres) when weather changes.

A soft (rubber) compound gives good grip in the wet but low mileage in the dry. A hard (rubber) compound gives poor grip in the wet but good mileage in the dry.

At Manny’s Mechanical Repairs we constantly inspect your tyres when your vehicle comes in for a service. We rotate your tyres, check your tyre pressure, check your suspension and steering and give you a report on any defects to ensure peace of mind motoring.

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