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The Complexity of it All

Recently I had a Mercedes Benz Kompressor with a check engine light on presented to my workshop. After scanning the engine computer, it was found a lean mixture fault code was present – in other words a hard fault, the fuel trims confirmed this problem.

So what does this mean? It means that there is an air leak somewhere in the engine affecting the fuel mixture entering the combustion chamber. But where? After removing the air cleaner assembly and the  air flow meter, I arrived to the first of two throttle bodies. Here I located a perished positive crankcase ventilation hose behind the throttle body which was leaking air into the engine… “beauty, easy fix”… right… wrong!

To my dismay I also found a PCV valve broken and two other perished hoses connected to a spout under the supercharger.

The fix – I had to remove the front cowling, wiring assembly, throttle body assembly, intake manifold, starter motor and the supercharger, just  to replace an $80.00 hose.

When everything was reassembled, the computer was reset, fuel trims had   balanced out – no more fault code.

The point in this blog is the complexity of today’s cars require extreme skill and time to fix a simple hose (simple as in when you finally find the problem). Took  close to five hours to replace and there are no short cuts.

– Manny




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