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Never Ignore Air Bag Warning Lights

Recent developments in the Japanese sector of the car industry has seen a world-wide recall on air bags on many makes. The problem has been revealed that in the event of an accident, the air bags do not deploy correctly and also send metal fragments into the face of the driver or passenger. In other words, it’s like having a shot gun pointed at you ready to go off when you have an accident.

This is really serious stuff! There is a reluctance in many car owners who come in for a service – with an air bag light on – to get it fixed! I have had many occasions where a customer has come in to get a roadworthy with an air bag light on, only to be told the vehicle has failed roadworthy standards immediately. Let me repeat that… an air bag light on   immediately makes your vehicle un-roadworthy! Here is why…

In the case of a serious accident, the insurance company will want to know what caused the accident. 1/environment, 2/human error or 3/ mechanical factors. If the occupants are injured or killed and it was found the air bag did not deploy, which may have saved their lives, the insurance company may deem that this vehicle was faulty at the time of the accident. This could alter the payout, but more importantly, the unnecessary loss of life!

One only has to look at the recent 2011 floods to see how the insurance companies will do anything to weasel their way out of paying insurance claims through technical crap.

We as mechanics have a duty of care to inform our customers of the conditions and faults of their cars. We strongly advise customers keep their cars well maintained and in a roadworthy condition at all times and for customers to get on the internet and constantly check for recalls.

I hope this has helped.

– Manny, 0411 496 621
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