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Manny’s Mechanical Repairs Can Service Your New Car or Vehicle Under Warranty

In this newsletter from the ACCC, it dismisses some of the myths around new car warranties and non-dealer mechanics.

Car need a service? 

It’s time to service your car. Where do you turn? Someone has told you that if you don’t return to either the business where you bought the car or an authorised agent of that business, your warranty will be void. Is that true? Can you get your car serviced by someone other than the business or an authorised agent of the business that sold the car without voiding the warranty? The short answer is ‘yes’. 

New and used vehicle servicing in relation to general servicing, motor vehicle dealers are entitled to insist that any servicing performed on cars they sell is carried out by qualified staff, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and using genuine or appropriate quality parts where required. Provided these conditions are met, regardless of where you choose to get your car serviced, your warranty will remain intact.

Qualified staff is a party or parties, other than an ‘authorised dealer’, who is capable of performing car servicing.

Genuine or appropriate quality parts 

The issue here is not who manufactured the part/s, it is whether the part/s are fit or appropriate for the purpose intended. If a part is non-genuine, but is interchangeable with the genuine part, it could be seen as being fit or appropriate for the purpose and would therefore not void the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Thus, provided consumers do research and ensure that wherever they take a vehicle for servicing, the staff are qualified and all other provisions above are met, the warranty will be safely intact for the warranty period. 

You should expect your new car to run smoothly for some time without requiring any repairs. If, however, your new car has a manufacturing fault, then under your statutory warranty, you should expect the problem to be fixed by the supplier or manufacturer free of charge

Dealers are not permitted to limit their obligations under the warranty and refund provisions of the TPA or fair trading legislation, or make any representations to this effect, e.g. that the warranty is void if the vehicle is not serviced by the dealer or its agent. 

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