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Yes! We Can Still Service Your New Car and Still Not Lose Your Warranty!


There has been much confusion on whether servicing new cars other than by Dealerships may possibly cause loss of warranty.

The following extracts (highlighted) stated by the ACCC prove this to be incorrect.

Each new vehicle has a log book supplied, which details what requires to be done at each service interval. Providing these maintenance requirements are carried out in accordance to the logbook by a professional repairer within the set time, then the car manufacturer has no choice but to honour their warranty.

There is a fallacy out there that car dealerships are superior. Perhaps this theory would have carried some weight, until I went to a couple of major car dealership liquidation auctions.

I was appalled to see the run down condition of the equipment, also that the electronic scanning equipment was hardly touched. What makes things worse is the ridiculous, over-the-top charges these Dealerships were charging and for what?

The problem Dealerships have – as do Franchise workshops – is their huge overheads and fees, so therefore they must pass that on to the customer. What this causes is the business core value is on making profit regardless.

As a customer you should ask yourself…

1/ Is my car being serviced by a professional?

2/ Do I know who is servicing my car?

3/ Is my Mechanic a qualified A Grade Mechanic?

4/ Can I actually talk to the person who has worked on my car or will I get some smooth talking service advisor who gives me a headache?

5/ Can my Mechanic advise me on future problems?


7/ Does my mechanic have excellent diagnostic skills and equipment with up-to0date relevant information?

Here at Mannys Mechanical Repairs we focus on the customer’s needs and solving their automotive problems.

We constantly develop and sustain more skills and equipment to match the technology demands of todays’ sophisticated cars.

– Manny, 0411 496 621
To serve, to perform, to guide.

At Manny’s Mechanical Repairs you are in good hands, our main services include, Safety CertificatesLogbook ServiceFree Pickup & Delivery, and Car Cooling System Repairs.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment and my work van is fitted out with an industrial air compressor. This enables me to perform heavy duty work and give you – the customer – the best service at any place and at any time.

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