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Why Engine Oil Changes Are So Critical (Never Ever Neglect or Go Cheap)

In the 37 years I have been in the automotive industry (yes, I am old) nothing has caused more damage to car engines than neglect of quality servicing.

Cars now have more smaller engines which are delivering bigger boosted power, so there is a need for better understanding and better quality servicing, also quality service parts are critical.

Let me get straight to the point- if you go by price (fixed price servicing) or go to the local loser mechanical workshop who advertises cheap (essential)servicing for a $149.00 then you are asking for trouble , these prostitute mechanics using cheap gimmicks like cheap oil changes so they can rape your car for brakes and suspension items which they say you must get done now!

Oil is the life blood of your engine-this blog is focused on how important & yet how neglected  quality oil changes are

Why? , Car engines now rotate far faster and are equipped with turbo chargers (which the Impeller shaft can rotate @200000 rpm) car engines are equipped with variable valve solenoids all of which heavily rely on oil pressure & oil flow.

 Car oil manufactures (Mobil, Castrol, Valvoline) spend millions of dollars developing additives and special agents for oil to meet different conditions ie winter and hot gruelling summer.

But my car does not use a drop of oil.., so why do I need a oil change so quickly?

Let me explain something.., Anything that rotates requires to be lubricated, I will say that again, anything that rotates requires to be lubricated. Oil is developed to get between components and actually causes the rotating component to float-this action cools the engine, minimizes friction (wear) and also gets rid of minute metal slivers carrying it back to the sump .The friction action eventually breaks down the oil, the reason why the oil level stays at the same level is because unburnt fuel seeps past the engine oil rings and enters into the sump. The unburnt fuel dilates the oil and breaks down the molecular structure. A characteristic of this is long heavy traffic trips of constant idling, then taking off for a moment, then back to idle.

The other critical issue for oil especially with diesels is that the opposite can happen, where oil by-passes the rings and gets into the combustion chamber, this oil is burnt in the combustion process and leaves in the exhaust system as soot, this soot is picked up by a particular filter in the exhaust system and burnt off in what is called a regeneration process.

The best oil to use is a synthetic oil (which is man made) or a blend of synthetic & mineral oil. Mineral oil should only be used on old tired engines, or new /recondition engine as a run in period or if you have a rotary engine. The problem with mineral oil is that it has a limited life span, this oil can turn to varnish then sludge.

What causes the most wear in a engine is cold start up- here are the reasons why!

-when the engine is sitting for hours, the oil will leave the engine components like camshaft, lifters & drain back to the sump, quality synthetic oil have sticking agents which still stick to the engine leaving a minute lubricating film, when the engine is started first thing in the morning there is adequate lubricating,

With old oil, there is no lubrication because it has lost its properties this causes metal on metal & premature wear.  In my many years I have seen so many engines written off because of neglect-varnish/sludge build up which has cause rings sticking to pistons, oil pressure starvation due to blocked pick up. I have seen where oil galleries have been  partially blocked  producing high oil pressure causing lifters to over extend making the valves come off their seats hence lost compression.

If your vehicle has a turbo or supercharger which is oil fed from the engine-then fully synthetic oil is a must.

Synthetic oil is not cheap-but if you want to keep your car in excellent condition with very limited wear and tear then synthetic oil is the way to go, petrol or diesel.

Do not be a loser, and put cheap oil in your prize car-use the best parts, the best filters it is the best way to make your engine last (- and save you in the long run.)

– Manny, 0411 496 621

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