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Pre Purchase Inspections – Secondhand Car

Purchasing a secondhand car can be stressful. Also it can possibly be one of the biggest purchases apart from a home or business.

  • A poor choice of vehicle can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs!
  • If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.

Due diligence is required with a set of measures and checks especially with the car log book servicing recordings. A car log book should be with the car and have a history of all service recorded. Things like timing belts and gearbox oil replacements can be the difference of thousands of dollars when purchasing a car… so how do you get the knowledge?

The first step is do your own homework on the type of car you want to buy – how much is the same model selling for – you can find this out on Car Sales and Gumtree, to name a few.

The second step is to find a good mechanic.

Here is a list of steps that should be done:

  • Walk around the vehicle, note any panel damage or window/windscreen cracks or damage.
  • Test drive (with radio off)
  • Check steering while driving (does it drive straight?), test brakes under light and heavy conditions, test handbrake – report any defects or noises.
  • Scan computer-check for any faults with lights or warning lights, test battery and alternator.
  • Check interior of car, check seatbelts.
  • Check under bonnet.
  • Check fluid, brake coolant, check cooling system and note condition.
  • Check brake and clutch master cylinders for leaks. Check for engine oil leaks.
  • Lift vehicle – check tyres, suspension, steering components, note any defects.
  • Check brakes – report condition.
  • Life vehicle – check engine, gearbox and differential mountings.
  • Check shock absorbers for leakage and damage.
  • Check condition and security of exhaust system – check for leakages.
  • Check chassis and sub frame for any damage.

Make a complete list of all relevant faults or pending faults. Also be wary of cars that have been over-serviced but under repaired – meaning the car is miles ahead in their service times by getting their services done prematurely but resist on getting the big repairs like timing belts and in-tank fuel filters replaced… all show no go!

The goal when buying a secondhand car should be, when you finish a busy week you should be able to jump in your car and drive to one of our beautiful beaches and enjoy yourself and the car, without problems and pending costs.

At Manny’s Mechanical Repairs we use not only the above systematic checks and measures but we wish to continue servicing and looking after your vehicle even after the purchase to ensure peace of mind motoring.

– Manny, 0411 496 621
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