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Going green in Australia will be expensive

Since the Covid pandemic there has been a surge in Electric vehicle sales.

Politicians wanting to get into Government use fear, doom , gloom predictions & make ridiculous mandates to try & show the world that we are a leader in saving the planet- let’s make every one buy electric vehicles, recycle, wind, solar go naked yeah, yeah, yeah , go green… WHAT A LOT OF CRAP!

At present we have a labour Government who is supposed to be representing the worker, industry, manufacturing & the labour workforce, who are running around getting in bed with the greens and taking selfies at Taylor Swift Concerts. (& do not mention THE VOICE debacle that was a real winner-NOT!)

I am writing this blog for worried customers who are thinking about buying a car & cannot decide should they buy a electric vehicle or not-

Here is my take on the situation- for what’s it worth…

In a nutshell- Going green is expensive, in Australia.

People who are buying Ev’s (Electric Vehicles) are doing so because…

 1/ Sick of paying fuel prices

 2/ Prestige-‘look at me! look at me!…”

Personally, I would like to wait 3-5 years to start seeing some recurring faults regulation & study the recalls that will eventually come from the swamp of electric vehicles which is now flooding the market, these cheap mass produced Chinese electric vehicles that have been subsidized by the Chinese Government to undercut every car manufacturer is a real concern on safety

If you are thinking of buying a car

Then good quality petrol car is still the front runner- sure you are paying for petrol- but they`re cheap to run , service, maintain & repair- if you want to  go green & save the planet I advise Toyota hybrid & Tesla both companies  have the points on the board as time goes we will see the good & bad as I said give it 3- 5 years.

So why going green Australia is a load of BS

Please look at the four maps above

Top Right-United states of America- 335 million people

 Top Left – Most of developed Europe & UK 400 million People

Bottom right- China 1.2 billion people

Bottom left – India 1.4 billion people

Now please focus on the size of Australia compared to these Countries- please excuse the picture of India but nevertheless… AUSTRALIA IS MASSIVE!

Australia’s Population…wait for it-Just hit 27 million!

We have a massive country with a huge desert in the middle of it.

Australia is bigger than India, Bigger than Europe & nearly the same size as America-


We recently had someone complained that Taylor Swift Personal Jet emitted more greenhouse emissions than a standard Jumbo Jet-  like as if our paltry population would even notice…Oh Please… that Lovely young lady had 5 concerts & generated millions of dollars in the economy in just a few nights- what a joke


People do not realize how huge Australia is… it’s a massive UNDER-POPULATED country to build electrification infrastructure in remote area is a expensive & massive undertaking

Personally, a good quality petrol car is the best & cheapest option. Followed by A hybrid.

In time with better technology things will change- I still believe it’s bit too early to push for electric…

But in cities like Tokyo, Delhi, Shanghai, Sao Paulo where their tens of millions of people all cramped together then its Electric vehicle all the way…

That’s my take.

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How a POOR PERFORMING car battery affects your fuel consumption & performance

The state of your car battery is critical to the running of your engine and just as important to other components like brakes & air bags. The battery is probably one of the most mis- understood & overlooked components in engine performance.

In this blog we will see what the other components rely heavily on the battery performance & how the battery can affect your fuel economy.

In simple terms a battery is a pressure vessel- which is made up of 6 x 2-volt cells=12 volts.
Like the heart in your body its supply’s voltage(pressure) to every component in your car- any thing that is & can be switched on is supplied by the battery.

As I have written many times before a car is a vehicle made up of different systems, but each system now has electrical monitoring systems which are fed back to the computer.

So how does a 12volt battery help make 20 000 volts at the spark plugs?
Through a series of primary windings transferring through a series of secondary windings in a ignition coil a high voltage spark is produced.

Ok that’s great, now if a battery is underperforming. & Say instead of 12 volts we now have 11 volts what happens is the voltage is lower- hence pressure is lower to push things, therefore the current- the amps will be lower & resistance will get higher. In a nutshell this slows everything down- with our example of voltage step up from 12 volts to 20 000 volts the time to produce the spark will take longer & even produce a retarded spark.

Fuel injectors rely critically on battery voltage when starting- injectors do not open straight away- they have a minuscule lag called dead time- when the battery is failing this is directly proportional to the dead time & increases it- when the injector eventually does fire the full stream of fuel can possibly miss its window this can cause lean misfire, or the vehicle will not start.

Battery voltage is constantly reviewed by the computer as a reference voltage in other words it’s a comparison voltage this voltage is then compared by active data voltage monitoring for air bag deployment, antilock braking & cruise control to name a few. The engine computer will have no hesitation to switch on a engine light when the it detects the battery charge not being consistent.
I once saw a classic Simpson cartoon where Homer had a car crash hit is head on the steering wheel & then the air bag went off- poor Homer!

Sure, it’s funny but that is the last thing you want to happen.

Testing a battery

There are many ways to test battery.
Personally, I like to check the battery, alternator on a Pico lab scope which gives me real time data.
Then I like to put a battery underload- simulating a starter motor current draw or even just a tad more.
Personally, if your battery is 3 years old or older-get a new battery do not muck around- because it will breakdown on you…


Simply a tired battery cannot perform- everything slows down or misses its mark to perform this can cause poor performance & poor fuel economy- the injectors are slower to inject fuel, the fuel pump does not rotate as quick the spark losses its saturation moment to produce s strong spark & with smart locks, smart keys its only getting more involved & reliant on battery performance.
Constantly ask for a battery check & report@ every service & once again if your battery is over 3 years old get a new one- it’s the world we live in now- Manny No Comments

What is the difference between a car service & a safety certificate?

There is a lot of confusion & a lack of understanding what is the difference between a car service & a Safety inspection or a Certificate of Inspection. If you keep reading this blog you might be quite surprised..

First of all I will try to give a brief descrition to give you a better understanding of the differences, So Here we go..,

Safety certificate

A Safety Ceritificate is a Inspection carried out by a QUALIFIED SAFETY INSPECTION EXAMINER- In other words A Examiner has had to undergo a stringent Test by Department of Transport to Qualify to perform examinations & write certificates especially when there is a change of ownership,change /Interstate/ or the vehicle Being sold.

Certificate of Inspection

Certificate of inspection is a periodic inspection very similar to a safety certificate this mainly conducted for ride share vehicles such as UBER

Please note A Mechanic is NOT automatically qualified to conduct a safety certificate-UNLESS HE PASSES A PROPER QUALIFING TEST (MENTIONED EARLIER.)

Log Book Service

A Log-book( which is generally in the glovebox) is a Periodic schedule of interval servicing & up keep procedures- in other words The log book instructs the mechanic what to do at what time frame or mileage- and here is the kicker- The person conducting the service DOES NOT HAVE TO BE QUALIFIED MECHANIC TO BE PERFORM THE SERVICE THIS IS A FACT- Providing they follow the schedule on the logbook (you hope!) & this happens in Dealerships. Please note just because your car has had a Logbook service DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFY FOR A SAFETY CERTIFICATE!.

Car service

Generally A car service is a routine service very similar to the logbook service without the logbook- when you casually book your car for a service you are at the Mercy of the business on who conducts the service- If you go to a tyre or muffler shop you will often get the Shit-kicker working on your car- there is no standards & foolisly the consumer believes all mechanics work to the same level- THEY DO NOT!

Summary & Conclusion

Not all Mechanics are the same- Far from it..,

I have seen people advertise that they are qualified but have never worked on a car.


Make sense out of that!-

But a Safety Certificate is a different story.

You must have credentials & pass a Examiner`s Test.

So you reading this blog- do you want a unqualified labourer working on your  Car or Maybe your Daughter or Son`s Car doesn`t you & your family deserve better?

As a consumer A parent you should demand to see the credentials on who is working on your car-

If they will not show you the credentials go to another workshop that can!.

I have spent 40 years in Mechanics, spent thousands of dollars in tools, diagnostic & measuring equipment, training,courses endless hours researching  solutions to problems developing diagnostic techniques.

This is called commitment- not a job & only a small percentage of Mechanics/Technicians are truly commited to the trade

 And yet the uneducated consumer thinks we are all the same,

 That all mechanics come from the same mould!.

This blog  I have explained the difference between a safety certificate & service also that not all mechanics are the same or work at the same standards- because at some workshops, THERE IS NO STANDARDS- just money hungry sharks!.

You can always tell a shark- “Their she will be right” attitude is  a dead give away

– Do your research & do not let a idiot work on your car!

Demand to see credentials, Trade tickets

 Ask this question when you pick up your car from  a service workshop..,


I hope you now have a little MORE knowledge from this blog..,

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This blog is about helping the serious car owner on how to get good fuel economy out of their car.

We will talk about why fuel is so expensive.  & a general overview how the dynamics of a car engine with a little technical understanding- from this you can adapt your driving style.

Why is petrol so expensive now?


1/ Vladimir Putin and his pyrrhic war on UKRAINE. – Russia was the world biggest exporter of oil & gas- this has now been severely capped.

2/ Arab based OPEC deliberately capping oil production keeping Prices high designed bigger profit margin referred to as price gouging.

Why doesn’t Australia makes its own petrol?


Our business structure with high wages, Unions makes us too expensive- where countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand have a cheaper labour rate & work force thus producing fuel far cheaper than we can.

Vital Components on your car which determine the consumption of fuel:

The fuel injector

 Is computer controlled- The injector (injects) sprays precise metered fuel at a precise time, Proper maintained & cleaned injectors every 100 000km deliver precise spray patterns making combustion efficient

The Battery

The heart of electrics- volts (electrical pressure) and current (electrical flow) a poor performing battery reduces the ability of the injector to spray @ the right time- The precise window when the injector is supposed to energize & spray may be missed especially when starting the vehicle- A proper charged battery is vital.

The computer

The computer is a data calculator- it takes all the signals from inputs- works out the equations & then energizes or activates the fuel injector to switch on at a precise moment for a precise time- its essential that the correct data gets to the computer to do its job. If the data is wrong its impossible to tune the vehicle referred to as GARBAGE IN- GARBAGE OUT.

Air flow meter, Map Sensor, Air Temperature sensor

The computer must know the correct amount of air that is entering the engine, not only the volume of air, but the density- which is measured by air temperature- the ideal equation is 14.7 parts of air to one part of fuel this has been calculated as the ideal ratio & gives best fuel economy in cruise condition & idle.

Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor measures the coolant temperature- when temperature is cold the computer calculates this & keeps the injectors on longer until the correct temperature is achieved.

The throttle position sensor & accelerator position sensor

The throttle position sensor & accelerator pedal sensor are the only sensors that are controlled by the driver- In diesels the throttle is on controlled by the injector injecting more fuel from the accelerator sensor data- while in petrol there is a air flow throttle or flap which controls air flow- the position of the accelerator when pressed is referred as “ tip in” or when relieving pressure from the accelerating pedal this is known as “tip out”- its here when load dramatically changes.

Crank shaft & camshaft sensor correlation

The Crankshaft & camshaft sensors tell the computer the exact position when to inject the fuel- these sensors enable the computer to see & tell the injector to fire!

Exhaust oxygen sensor

After combustion has occurred, the gases are then moved to the exhaust- oxygen content is measured in the exhaust by a narrow band or wide band oxygen sensor- too much oxygen- too lean- too little oxygen to rich this information is fed back to the computer which is referred to as closed loop.

These sensors are the main data the computer looks- if any one of these sensors play up then everything else goes south- you cannot get good fuel economy with a fault in any of these sensors & there are others I have not mentioned- this why you must get your car scanned when you have a service.

Driving Characteristics

Do not use e10 its cheap & that’s about it- its like going to a five-star restaurant only to eat McDonalds.

Let your car warm up when cold starting- let the heat get to the engine try to avoid driving straight away- in cold start mode the injectors are spraying excessive unmetered fuel – let the car warm up and reach close loop mode. Keep constant vigil of overheating- this can have a disastrous effect on the engine. Correct engine temperature is vital for good fuel economy

Cruise control- when you are travelling at consistent speed over 80 kmph hit the cruise control button- the cruise control sends the car into a sort of steady state- once in cruise mode the computer activates the Egr- exhaust gas recirculating which is an inert gas- this inert gas takes a lot of combustion space where the air & fuel would be- it keeps the engine combustion cooler & produces far better fuel economy.

Excessive throttling & braking- listen to your engine speed- avoid excessive tip in state (accelerating) listen to your engine have consistent note & of course watch your vehicle speed- it’s important to keep in tune with your car for correct gear changes. Avoid excessive braking- when you brake too much unnecessarily you lose momentum- which means you must accelerate to get up to speed this is where you burn up most of your fuel.


 ITS ALL ABOUT A FLOW- A CONSTANT FLOW OF POWER- sudden changes cause enrichment- listen to your engine you will feel the sweet spot & keep it that spot. There equally vital components like tyres- but the focus on this blog is to drive in a steady progressive state-The accelerator pedal is the tap for fuel delivery & you have control

Regardless of you cannot get good fuel economy with a poorly maintained car,

Call Manny 0411496621

 To get you car in tip top condition for Xmas & the New year

Please do not hesitate to call if there are any questions about this blog

To Serve, To Perform to Guide- I`m on Your Side.

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The last 12 months I have had to deal with a increasing large number of angry & stressed out customers who have bought cars in` good faith’ only to their horror have had to deal with expensive repair issues which should not have passed a safety certificate examination in the first place.

The Real Situation and Problem

Unfortunately, there is a large percentage of the population who do not keep their vehicle properly maintained, in the other words they just “Drive the vehicle into the ground!” due to their lack of discipline or financial outgoings they then either trade the car in for a newer vehicle, give the vehicle to Auction companies or try to sell the car- HERE IS THE REAL PROBLEM- to sell a car you have two options

  • De-register the car & sell the car unregistered
  • Sell the car with a Safety Certificate

The safety certificate is the critical piece of the process, THE PROBLEM IS SAFETY CERTIFICATES ARE NOT CARRIED OUT PROPERLY, let me repeat that just in case you missed that SAFETY CERTIFICATES ARE NOT CARRIED OUT PROPERLY.

Why are safety certificates not carried out properly?

Answer- Lazy Mobile safety certificate businesses, lazy mechanics & pressure from ruthless car yard operators who press the buttons on gutless safety certificate examiners to pass cars on inspections.

Dealing with stressed angry bitter potential customers who have bought a under qualified car that requires repair is A psychosis art of Self- discipline because on many occasions the new owner has to pay for repairs that should have been paid by the previous owner.

Preparation & Planning

Buying a car can be stressful or fun depending on how much knowledge & research you have conducted.

 1st step is to know exactly which car you want – this the most important know this you must examine your lifestyle & whittle your choices no more than 3makes/models

2nd step, your budget- how much can you afford?

3rd step get the vehicle inspected by a mechanic of your own choice. Someone who is up to date with technology & has a feel for the market value- this person can give you valuable insights & negotiating power.

  • When buying a car- ALWAYS CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS, never ever get attached to a car without thorough examination first- there is always another car.
  • Be cautious of buying cars off friends or family.
  • Always pay for a Revs check to see if the car has been written off, stolen or finance still outstanding
  • Never ever go for a test drive in the rain- the water can muffle noises & annoying squeaks.
  • Check for logbooks-if no logbooks then go for the lowest price when negotiating.
  • Never buy a car with a engine light on any fault lights -walk away immediately. A warning light violates safety certificate standards, THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER CAR.
  • Immediately look who has done the safety certificate at what day, time & where- question the seller who he got to do the inspection & make the seller accountable.
  • Look at the person who is selling the car are they edgy, shifty, stressed do you feel they are hiding something. this is the most important point- look at the seller straight in the eye!
  • Do your research on the model car you are buying what is the market value.
  • Check for recalls or air bag recalls
  • Buy the right car for your needs- example do not buy a turbo diesel if you mainly drive to the city.
  • Go for a good test drive for at least ¾ -1 hour do a complete drive cycle- drive the vehicle constantly @ 70 then 80 to 100kmph for 15-20 minute intervals, check for suspension knocks, steering or brake shudder also a good drive will activate a faulty catalytic converter- this alone can cost you thousands undiagnosed.
  • If a car is cheap or going at a bargain price-you must ask the question “WHY?”
  • Bring your car to Manny`s mechanical repairs for a thorough inspection, we check electricals & emissions.


In ending this blog let me say this-

The biggest mistakes I see people make when buying a car is


Buying a car can be your 1st,2ndor 3rd biggest investment in your life.

In this blog I have given you a process- to identify potential problems with a car before you buy.

Do your research, be prepared & do not be afraid to take on the seller if they know there is a problem with the car they are trying to sell-

Make sure the seller has to deal & PAY FOR THE PROBLEM TO BE FIXED- NOT YOU!

& most importantly never ever trust a safety certificate inspection done by some one you do not know.

If you have any queries please call me,

I`m on your side,

 Manny – 0411496621

I hope this has helped.

At Manny’s Mechanical Repairs you are in good hands, our main services include, Safety CertificatesLogbook ServiceFree Pickup & Delivery, and Car Cooling System Repairs.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment and my work van is fitted out with an industrial air compressor. This enables me to perform heavy duty work and give you – the customer – the best service at any place and at any time.

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Budgeting Time and Money for your Car

This blog is about giving a bit of guidance & control to car owners.

While your car can give you enjoyment under constant use, it does need periodic maintenance. (Even Hybrids & Electric cars need constant maintenance).


This one is a biggie, your car should be looked at as an investment:

  • You want the best reliable parts fitted to your car.
  • You want to use the very best oil & lubrication & filtration components.
  • You want & should demand that your car be constantly in Safety Certificate standards at all times.

You see, with a little knowledge goes a long way, BUT only for those who are interested.

If you are trying to get the cheapest service possible or something for next to nothing (Then have a good look at the pretty young girl in the photo- would you like That to be your Daughter – This is what happens if you are cheap or use gimmick servicing)


Always make adequate time for servicing & more time if your car has a fault-(we offer courtesy cars). Thorough repairs can take time.


Some problems require to be replicated. This can take quite a while. Please remember that for the problem to be conquered- it must be exposed, the data has to be recorded- then a solution or repair be carried time.

There is no magic wand, accurate diagnostics take a logical approach until the goal is achieved. Please note a scanner diagnostic machine will not give you the solution to your problem, most of the time a scanner will give you the EFFECT not the CAUSE & in some cases the scanner will give you nothing- here it takes skill- This, my friend, takes years of experience & this I have earned.

Please note, if you have a problem with the running of your car, do not assume a service will automatically fix your problem.

This brings us to a sticky point on who you use.

I would only use: 

  •  A Tyre shop for tyres,
  • A Muffler shop for Mufflers

I would only use a highly specialised well-equipped experienced diagnostic/tuning shop for the running of my car. I would not cross the genres thinking a tyre shop can fix a tune issue.

Generally these workshops do not spend the money on the right equipment to diagnose – their point of sale is to only sell tyres first or mufflers.

Avoid Saturday Morning Repairs

Except for tyres & Mufflers,

Do not make the excuse you have not got the time. Your car is worth it. Make the time through the week.

Here is why you should avoid Saturday Repairs:

Most Mechanics who work on Saturdays have already worked a 40-hour week. They are tired and fatigued. Also spare parts from dealerships are either closed nor deliver, so what does this mean? A recipe for problems, shoddy workmanship & a rushed job.

Is that what you want?


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Have petrol in your car!

Budgeting Money

  • 0-7year old cars under 100,000 km: I would budget $25-$30 a week. The biggest out lay should be tyres & brakes around every 25,000 km to every 40,000 km this is what Franchise/ Dealership capped price service focus on Churn `em out take the money & run.
  • 8-12year old cars 100,000 km & over :With these cars I would budget around $50- $75 a Week – providing all the maintenance up to this point has been done. Here we start seeing issues & far more expensive maintenance, e.g. Spark plugs that require intake manifolds to be removed, timing belts, water pumps, In-tank fuel filters & fuel pumps. It’s here I would recommend a new radiator & coolant hoses. Strongly recommend fuel injectors to be removed & serviced.
  • 13 years & over ($75-$125 + a week): At this stage problems can occur such as Engine repairs, burnt out clutches, failed transmissions, axle bearings- repairs to automatic transmission can be very high- expensive items such as Electrical issues, catalytic converters & diesel particulate filters can cost many thousands of dollars which can make the car not worth the repair.


Please do not hold me to exact time or costing on what I have written, this is only a generic broad spectrum. Different models & different makes have their own characteristics & costing but this is a general costing & also to prepare- do a little research- look at websites, Facebook, Instagram. Get some idea who you are going to deal with & are they capable & have the adequate skills to look after you & fix your car to be running in tip-top condition.

So there you have it- Attitude, Time, Time & problems, Saturday Morning Repairs, Budgeting Money for different aged cars not bad eh!.

Oh, avoid gimmicks, cost-cutting specials- you get what you pay for fixing cars is a life- long discipline there are no shortcuts.

I hope this has helped,

Keep Safe – Manny

At Manny’s Mechanical Repairs you are in good hands, our main services include, Safety CertificatesLogbook ServiceFree Pickup & Delivery, and Car Cooling System Repairs.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment and my work van is fitted out with an industrial air compressor. This enables me to perform heavy duty work and give you – the customer – the best service at any place and at any time.

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How To Add Value To Your Car

Cars are notorious for depreciating in monetary value when purchased from brand new and you may be thinking how to add back that value to your car.

A well maintained car can give you enjoyment & top money back when you eventually want to sell the car.

The best value for money purchase is a car that is say two years old which has been traded back to the dealership- you can buy a relative new car with a extended warranty-saving at least 30% in depreciation.

The Need or Market

First let me say this nobody wants to pay money for a “SHIT BOX” to think you can sell a car that requires maintenance & still get top dollar is delusional.

There is a huge demand for good reliable modest fair price cars, Parents are looking to give their children good cars to go to University, to the Coast or to drive back up to say Townsville & see safely. You need A car that can withstand Australia`s heat & harsh roads- (we have a vast country which is ¾ the size of America.)

The Log-Book is The Bible of the Car- it keeps a track record or documentation of where & when the car has been serviced, I cannot stress enough to keep this booklet updated.

Go to your glove-box look for it & find it, if its missing find it or quickly get another one from the dealership- if your vehicle is say 12 years old get one from a spare parts dealer & keep a track record of maintenance, service, repairs, Tangible evidence of the upkeep of the vehicle.

Apart from a proper & thorough safety certificate the  well maintained & filled out log book will  be vital to sell your car at a good price- the price you paid for repairs to maintain your vehicle-(which we all have to do) can be easily incorporated in the selling price & that is fair as I said before nobody wants to spend money on a “Shit box”, Nobody wants to spend money for the up keep of a car which they have just bought.


Faded paint & dents are a killer to the price of selling a car, even if the car goes great- the paint & dent will hold the price down. Keep on top of body & paint scratch or dent can turn to two, Avoid compounding & fix asap. Try and park your car indoors at night- scratches especially on bumpers should be fixed immediately,


Use the best oil, best parts, Buy the best tyres you can afford do not go cheap on servicing- Look at your car as a ongoing investment, NOT A LIBALITY!

Advantages a Used Car has over a New Car

The biggest advantage a good used car has over a new car is that it has proven itself over a test of time consistently, This is a major selling point, New cars do break down (trust me on this) & if you think they do not then go to any manufacture recall section- example is the Takata Air-Bag recall in fact many manufacturers have been sued for poor performing unreliable cars.

How to Add Value to a Car

By keeping your car well maintained. Well documented, tangible evidence of repairs you have given yourself leverage to set a good price, your car is a excellent buy & you can negotiate because your product is good ,it is exactly what people want & they want to pay for a good product. Trust me when I say nobody wants to pay for a “Shit box.”

Note- You can add value to your car with Rims, Exhaust & go fast bits but keeping your car safe & reliable is actually “good will” & worth the money, This is what gives a Potential buyer reassurance & excellent value.

Call Manny on 0411 496 621 today.

To Serve To Perform To Guide- Bringing Automotive power to the people

At Manny’s Mechanical Repairs you are in good hands, our main services include, Safety CertificatesLogbook ServiceFree Pickup & Delivery, and Car Cooling System Repairs.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment and my work van is fitted out with an industrial air compressor. This enables me to perform heavy duty work and give you – the customer – the best service at any place and at any time.

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How to Find a Good Mechanic

Are you struggling to find a good mechanic? This blog tells you the important information you need to know on how to find a good mechanic that suits your Automotive needs.

Cars have become complex computerised, self learning  complicated electronic machinery. They take skill & expensive machinery to maintain & service.

First step is to get rid of the image of the greasy pot-bellied unshaven bogan in overalls with the filthy greasy rag hanging out of his pocket. That image should have been killed off in the nineties & yet its ironic how many times I speak to  people who have this concept & in turn do not become my customers.

The Automotice Doctors

Mechanics are the Automotive industry doctors.

Automotive Problems are complex & can be very expensive so they need a correct procedure & correct diagnostic techniques to isolate a problem.

It is so frustrating when customers want immediate solution & price over the phone for a complex problem without or for- going a correct diagnostic process.

Characteristics of a Good Mechanic

  • A good mechanic enjoys fixing problems.
  • A good mechanic uses a process to isolate the problem.
  • A good mechanic uses attained facts, logic & can back up his theory.
  • A good mechanic does not guess what is wrong!.
  • A good mechanic invests in the very best equipment.
  • A good mechanic uses the very best parts
  • A good mechanic continues to do the latest courses, study develop new techniques.
  • A good mechanic knows how to market his own business & refuses to use Marketing companies because he believes & is strong enough to market his own brand & his/her own business!
  • A good mechanic does not have to use cheap service specials, gimmicks ,shop a dockets or raffle bicycles in lieu of reviews.
  • A good mechanic has honest unfiltered google reviews.(even negative ones)
  • A good mechanic likes to explain so you can learn about your car.
  • A good mechanic loves his job.
  • A good mechanic has a huge tool cabinet of every tool you can imagine.
  • A good mechanic likes to teach.
  • A good mechanic has always got a project going on.
  • A good mechanic has a mission statement.
  • A good mechanic has a brand & logo, something other than a friggan spanner!
  • A good mechanic knows his/her limitations & calls on other people/businesses for help.
  • A good mechanic is committed to his trade for the long haul.
  • A good mechanic drives a 300hp+ v8-(ok maybe just a little bit of boganism)
  • A good mechanic never stops learning.
  • A good mechanic never brags
  • A good mechanic likes to help people.

How to find a good Mechanic

Whether you use my business or not here is what to look for.

Anyone who loves what they do wants to put back into the community. Trying to find some one you can trust & depend on is scary & takes a leap of faith.

Please do not blindly go onto marketing cheap sites, instead read.

Invest a bit of time learning about your car and be wary of reviews. Look deep in these reviews as the saying goes a little knowledge is power!

I hope this has helped.

Call Manny on 0411 496 621 today.

To Serve To Perform To Guide- Bringing Automotive power to the people

At Manny’s Mechanical Repairs you are in good hands, our main services include, Safety CertificatesLogbook ServiceFree Pickup & Delivery, and Car Cooling System Repairs.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment and my work van is fitted out with an industrial air compressor. This enables me to perform heavy duty work and give you – the customer – the best service at any place and at any time.

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The Dangers of Cheap Car Servicing

In our latest blog, we talk about the dangers of cheap car servicing. Keep reading below to become educated in wanting the best for your machine.

Running a business is very tough & difficult especially during the COVID-19 pandemic businesses trying to get work resort to gimmicks & marketing companies to try to get themselves work.

If you do not care about your car then go onto the marketing website & click onto the loser businesses that cannot market their own business.

First let me say this:

“Nobody of Business does something for nothing. There is always a catch!”

To use a shady shop a docket from a supermarket receipt & expect that service to only be the price that was originally advertised is naive at best!

When customers insist on cheap servicing or try to screw businesses down to pay less or supply their own parts, but want high quality work are delusional fools & personally I do not want them as customers.

This type of customer just mentioned, does not really respect or understand the complexity of cars. 

The dangers of Cheap Car Servicing

Since 2006 cars have become very complex.  components are more precisely manufactured & machined with finer tolerances they rely on quality well filtrated lubrication (Variable Camshaft system is an example).

Quality synthetic oil is expensive- this is no gimmick & quality oil filters is a absolute must. I cringe at the crap filtration components my opposition use- cheap crap- I recently had a shady salesman trying to tell me how much profit I can make using his no brand filters- he was abruptly exited out of my business with my a steel cap  boot strategically positioned at his google one star.

Air filters- The use of cheap rubbish air filters is like letting sandpaper- wear away your engine.

Fuel filters –The use of cheap fuel filters allow moisture & algae to block fuel injectors- this is critical with diesel.

Marketing Companies

Marketing companies are similar to car/life insurance & travel accommodation companies- they use the same format- cheap, save you money is their selling point- while slugging the loser business with a percentage. The other issue is that take all your vital information & get paid by the loser workshops & yet do not do any of the work! pretty smart heh!

Cheap Car Servicing

Cheap servicing at a shady mechanical workshop is desperation at best. The shop a docket should be a record of what you bought at the supermarket or used as toilet paper.

It is ironic that businesses that use shop a dockets get so many bad reviews. Hey people what do you expect, something for nothing? 

Cheap servicing is just a front so that the business can upsell you on other components to try & make up for the loss of the initial service . All while using the cheapest rubbish oil & filtration components.

Yet the most vital running components which actually propel the vehicle is lubricated with inferior components. This is stupidity at best.

What makes Manny`s Mechanical Repairs different?

  1. We like to help people.
  2. We love making cars go better.
  3. We use the best oil, The best filtration components.
  4. We use the best Diagnostic/Tuning/ Emission equipment
  5. We continually learn& grow- develop- better skills-THIS NEVER STOPS!
  6. By continuous disciplined servicing we ensure you get the best market value for your vehicle making your ride a profitable asset not a unroadworthy liability.
  7. Probably the most important point is my customers are friends- not customers,

Why you ask? Because we all share the same passion which is getting the best results for your car!

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To Serve To Perform To Guide- Bringing Automotive power to the people

At Manny’s Mechanical Repairs you are in good hands, our main services include, Safety CertificatesLogbook ServiceFree Pickup & Delivery, and Car Cooling System Repairs.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment and my work van is fitted out with an industrial air compressor. This enables me to perform heavy duty work and give you – the customer – the best service at any place and at any time.

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Getting Ready For A Road Trip

As the COVID-19 virus starts ease in Australia, many of you are eager to get out and about again. We have put together this blog with helping you get ready for a road trip when the virus lockdown is lifted.

As the world is dealing with this Covid -19 virus, Australia has been lucky to be an Island nation. Actually we are a huge Island nation.

Australia is ¾ the size of North America with only 26 million people compared to America`s 300 million, So we have vast distance with miles & miles of road.

Travel Restrictions Easing

As I write this blog The Federal Government is starting to ease travel restrictions.

Which means a bit of freedom at last, while the Aviation industry is still grounded, 

People will start getting into their cars & go for a road trip. Anything to get out & get some fresh air.

But with any destination a bit of planning at the beginning will go a long way for an enjoyable trip.

Road Trip Checklist

First – How far is the trip?

How far do you want to travel and what type of roads and terrain will you be driving on and in?

100km, 200km, 1000km, 2000km or possibly over 5000km.

Second – Is your car up to the challenge & load required for such a trip?

Example – I cringe when I see people go on a long road trip with a 18 year old car with over 250 000km with no accurate service history.

Simply the car is old, Yet for a turbo diesel Toyota Landcruiser, this is nothing.

 What you really need is a accurate assessment of your vehicle for the trip ahead.

This is where Manny`s Mechanical Repairs can help you

How Manny’s Mechanical Repairs Helps You

  1. We begin with the foundations of the car- Tyres, steering, suspension, brakes
  2. The power-train engine, transmission, differential & related components ie radiator & hoses.
  3. Electrical
  4. Accessories

Everything we provide is done in a focused organised efficient & recorded manner

Getting Ready for A Road Trip

We are Essential mechanics that keep the world moving,

We provide Essential repairs to the vehicle to help our Doctors & Nurses get to their work & fight this virus.

We are Essentially here for you to provide an essential service for your car to get where you want to go with safety & efficiently.

Enjoy your trip! 

Call Manny on 0411 496 621 today.

To Serve To Perform To Guide- Bringing Automotive power to the people

At Manny’s Mechanical Repairs you are in good hands, our main services include, Safety CertificatesLogbook ServiceFree Pickup & Delivery, and Car Cooling System Repairs.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment and my work van is fitted out with an industrial air compressor. This enables me to perform heavy duty work and give you – the customer – the best service at any place and at any time.

For Bookings and enquiries, please contact us on 0411 496 621email us at or visit our site